NBA Mock Draft: Is Chet Holmgren the Future of the Thunder?

The NBA Draft Lottery is just over two weeks away and the Oklahoma City Thunder are suspended at the fourth-highest odds. Because of this, their pick will end up somewhere between first and eighth overall. The Thunder also own the LA Clippers’ first-round pick, which will finish in either the top four, or in the #12 through #14 ranks.

It’s still unclear what picks the Thunder will actually have before next month’s draft lottery. At this point, each pick will be solidified in the 2022 NBA draft.

Where these Oklahoma City picks land will determine the caliber of players who can be selected. If is one of the top 3 picks, they could take one of the coveted forwards who are at the top of the class. If they both fall outside of that range, things will certainly get interesting and less clear.

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