NBA GM roasts Bill Simmons after Celtics’ loss in Finals

An NBA exec thinks Bill Simmons is on a big kopium right now.

Simmons, CEO of The Ringer and an outspoken Boston sports fan, shared a tweet Friday after the Boston Celtics were defeated by the Golden State Warriors in the Finals. In the tweet, Simmons expressed his opinion that even with their recent title win, the Warriors don’t meet the criteria to be a dynasty.

Simmons’ tweet drew a lot of backlash, most notably Philadelphia 76ers general manager Daryl Morey.

“Only someone from Boston wouldn’t call it a dynasty,” Morey wrote. “Are you going for Sas [Stephen A. Smith’s] roll on [ESPN’s] first take?”

Morey has a big point here, as this is an unspeakably bad and biased attitude from Simmons who is just trying to discredit the Warriors. By any definition, Golden State’s six Finals appearances and four rings over an eight-season span (including back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018 and an NBA-record 73-win season in 2016) make them an undeniable dynasty, especially since you did it with largely the same core. Even Morey, who suffered under the Warriors for many years as GM of the Houston Rockets, can appreciate their greatness.

Simmons has some personal beef with a Golden State star. But by posting a tweet like this, especially with his infamous homerism for the Celtics, you knew Simmons was going to be dunked.

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