NBA Finals Game 6: Warriors star core one game from greatness as they face Celtics in possible series-clincher

That means they’re just one win away from claiming the organization’s fourth title in eight seasons – and seventh overall – and cementing the legacy of their core: Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

Curry has held this position many times and hopes to draw on this past experience.

“Luckily, I think after you’ve been six times (in close-out games) and had a lot of different close-out opportunities, you just understand what the nerve is like,” he told media ahead of Game 6.

“You have to remind yourself of that as many times as you can before the game starts. At the end of the day, once you’re outside, you just have to be in the moment. You have to be present as much as possible, don’t worry about the consequences of winning or losing, the only option you have is these 48 minutes.

“The more you can get your mind to be in the moment and stay there, that’s the best advice I can give anyone in this situation because it will probably be the most difficult game you’ve ever played in your career , due to the stakes. “

Curry shoots in the first half of Game 2 against the Boston Celtics.

For Thompson, it would complete a remarkable comeback from two consecutive devastating injuries and force him to miss two consecutive seasons.

During the Warriors’ dominant run over the past decade, Thompson has earned the nickname “Game 6 Klay” for his explosive play in Game 6s of the playoff series, and that’s something he’ll hopefully capitalize on next Thursday night.

“It’s obviously a nickname that I’ve earned and I want to live up to it,” Thompson told reporters.

“At the same time, I don’t want to go in there and play hero ball. I’m just going to be in there and be myself, doing what I’ve been doing for the past few games. I know that will allow us to be successful.”

“We’re not scared”

While the pressure of a final game in a playoff series is extreme for the Celtics, the team has shown remarkable resilience in high-pressure scenarios.

Up until their loss in Game 5 in the Finals, they were undefeated after losing in the postseason games. They have won two win-or-go home games against the Milwaukee Bucks and a Game 7 against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

And that run was built on solidity and a determination to stay the course and keep going. Jaylen Brown says they’re “not afraid” despite the pressure.

“We’re not afraid of the Golden State Warriors,” Brown told reporters. “We want to come out and play the best version of basketball we can.

“We know it’s a good team over there. We know they’ve done it before. But we have all the faith in ourselves. We’re going to come out and leave it all out there. That is the whole intention.”

Jayson Tatum drives the ball against Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins.Jayson Tatum drives the ball against Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins.

When Game 6 gets underway Thursday night at the TD Garden in Boston, the Celtics will be hoping to feed off their rowdy home crowd to force a Game 7.

“It’s the first before four. It’s not over, so as long as it’s not over you have a chance,” said Celtics breakout star Jayson Tatum.

“I think if you’ve done it before you should have even more confidence than you can. Not that it will be easy or given to us, but you should be extremely confident as long as you have a chance. We have a chance tomorrow.”

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