NBA Finals 2022 Game 6: Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors Live: Preview and latest updates

Game 6 of the NBA Finals is the last time the TD Garden will host a game in the playoffs Boston Celtics To lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy, try to stay alive and must defeat it Warriors of the Golden State to force the last game 7 in the chase center.

Steve Kerr: The Lord of the Rings

Since Steve Kerr took over as coaching the Warriors, the team has made six NBA playoffs, including this one, and if they win this Thursday, it would be the fourth championship for a dynasty that includes three players in all those editions. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

“Just hanging out with the right people,” Kerr said. “If you hang around with superstars long enough, you’ll have residual success coming your way.”

Kerr’s words make more sense considering he’s won five championships as a player, three of them with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s with players like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippenamong others, and two more with Tim Duncan‘s San Antonio Spurs.

A historic season for Stephen Curry

On the other hand, the Warriors’ star player, Stephen Curry comes from the first postseason game of his career without scoring a treble but could cap a brilliant season in which he has achieved a series of accolades and unique milestones.

Curry has been the all-time three-point leader since this season, surpassing the mark of a former Celtics player. Ray AllenHe was also MVP of the All-Star Game and the Western Conference Finals, which he won for the first time Magic Johnson Award.

Now the “boss” wants to win the Bill Russell Trophy for the first time in his career NBA Finals MVPeverything is ready to know if this story will come true.

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