NBA Draft Board: Duke’s AJ Griffin

The Oklahoma City Thunder have two picks in the lottery in the 2022 NBA Draft. One of the prospects that could fall into this category is AJ Griffin, who most recently played at Duke.


Perhaps the best shooter in this class, the 6-foot-6 wing knocked down almost 50% of his 3-point attempts last season. Griffin is only 18 years old and could be a huge asset at the NBA level.


Perimeter shooting is as important as ever in the modern NBA, which means Griffin could be one of the most influential players in the class. Despite having an unorthodox shot with his wide base, he was able to convert to triples of all kinds at Duke last season.

With a body ready for the NBA as one of the stronger players in this class, Griffin is adept in midfield and able to bully defenders near the edge. He also has a wingspan of nearly 7 feet, which is a plus for any prospect who will be spending time on the rim.


Griffin’s main concern is the ability to stay healthy. He has had several knee injuries in recent years which opens the door for future problems.

Outside of his knees, defense is another of the Sniper’s weaknesses. Not nearly as athletic as he once was, Griffin struggled laterally and defended at a high level during his lonely college season.

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