NBA Draft 2022 picks: Why don’t the Celtics have a pick in the first round?

The 2022 NBA draft is days away, and the Boston Celtics don’t hold a first-round pick. They traded their pick to the San Antonio Spurs in February for the services of Derrick White.

The Spurs dealt White due to his lengthy contract and were also able to earn a future first-round pick from Boston in the same deal. This future first-rounder is only protected at No. 1 in 2028, so it may become a good pick for San Antonio.

The Celtics traded away several picks to acquire White and, on the surface, it appears to have been worth it for now. White played a decent role with the Celtics making it to the 2022 NBA Finals, and with this year’s pick ranked 25th, the Celtics are more beneficial to have him than any freshman they can add. They are not entirely without picks as they will pick No. 53 in the second round.

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