“My wheelchair is next to my championship trophy!”: Paul Pierce goes at Warriors fan for bringing up his ‘wheelchair game’ in Celtics 2008 win over the Lakers

Paul Pierce has a back and forth with a Warriors fan who asks him where his wheelchair is and claims it’s standing next to his championship trophy.

The Boston Celtics served Paul Pierce well by trading future assets to acquire two superstars in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett in the summer of 2007, up from 24 the previous year.

This Celts team had a pretty grueling 7-game streak from the start in Round 1 and ECSF. They would eventually win the NBA Finals against Kobe Bryant and his Lakers in 6, but not without a memorable moment to start the streak.

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In Game 1, Paul Pierce was wheeled off his home floor at the 6:49 mark of the 3approx Quarter after a Kobe bucket. He was believed to have injured his ankle but he would return to a standing ovation in less than 2 minutes.

Over a decade later, The Truth on TV broke the moment, claiming he just needed to defecate and using an injury as an excuse to get off the floor.

Paul Pierce and a Warriors fan hilariously engage in it.

The 2022 NBA Finals will be the first Finals the Boston Celtics have competed in since the Pierce, KG and Allen era in 2010. Paul Pierce, a certified Boston legend, came to TD Garden to show his love to Jayson Tatum and co. in games 3 and 4.

Here he met a Warriors fan in the stands who amusedly asked him where his wheelchair was. Pierce’s response was that it was right next to his championship trophy from that season.

Going back to the wheelchair incident, Paul later came out and told The Athletic that he actually hadn’t wet his pants. “If you pee your pants, does it make sense to sit down and squish it in your wheelchair? You don’t sit on your poop, do you?” thought about the FMVP 2008.

What Paul may be forgetting, however, is that he never admitted to peeing his pants. He said he needed to go to the bathroom, not that he had already gone. It’s safe to say that this intricate saga will never have a true, definitive answer.

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