March 4 update for Rockets, Nets picks

What happens in a tie? Tie lottery teams split their draft lottery chances evenly. For example, if Houston and Oklahoma City are tied for #3 or third-worst record, the combined odds would be split between #3 and #4 down the middle. Consider it 3.5.

However, a random coin toss would also take place to determine which team moves higher in scenarios where neither team is a lottery winner. Head-to-head results between equal teams will not be considered.

What happens when Brooklyn goes into a deep playoff run from a low seed?
It’s a valid question given that part of Brooklyn’s underwhelming season can be attributed to injuries to key players like Kevin Durant, as well as the part-time availability of Kyrie Irving due to New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine order. It’s possible that some or all of these problems will be resolved by the playoffs, which could make the Nets more dangerous than their record suggests.

Unlike the NFL, however, results in the playoffs cannot change a team’s draft spot in the NBA. Even if the Nets somehow won the NBA championship from the No. 8 seed, their draft pick (heading to Houston) would be based solely on their regular-season record.

On the other hand, the Nets had Durant back from injury on Thursday and they gambled away a 16-point home lead in a loss to an understaffed Miami roster missing Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucker.

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