LSL believes Lakers have ‘good shot’ at landing Tatum

The Boston Celtics take on the Golden State Warriors in this year’s NBA Finals and return to the Bay Area in Game 5, with the series tied 2-2.

All of the league’s other 28 teams, on the other hand, are watching the celebrations from the comfort of their own sofas while their respective front offices try to plan next steps, with a view to eventually pouncing on such a stage down the road.

Obviously, star power generally reigns in the modern game, as ball clubs with such merchandise are often seen as legitimate competitors and therefore play late into the postseason.

This year’s championship round will showcase that to the full as both rosters feature a bevy of high-end talent with the suffix “Star” to their names, be they past, future or current.

With that in mind, the other organizations that were eliminated are probably now thinking of ways they too can add the right amount of firepower to push themselves over the hump and possibly make them champions, and there’s a low roar believe you could even snag a certain rising Superstar from this year’s Boston Celtics roster.

According to Jason Reed, location expert for our sister site Lake Show Life, there seems to be a chance the Los Angeles Lakers could steal Boston centerpiece Jayson Tatum in the 2025 offseason.

Citing the wing’s recent comments about how disappointed he was that LA decided to pass him on draft night in 2017, Reed built the narrative that Tatum’s desire to don purple and gold could still be a thing and once he can officially become a free agent in three years, he could choose to make his once “dream” a reality:

At that point, the Lakers will be a clean slate. LeBron James will almost certainly retire from the league, and Anthony Davis is also out of contract this offseason. Unless the Lakers really slaughter things, they will be able to be a free-agent target, bring in Tatum, and possibly re-sign Davis (or sign another star in the market in the offseason).

Yes, the Celtics will be able to pay Tatum more than the team that drafted him, but he’ll still get big bucks from the Lakers and a chance to play for his [favorite] team and honors his favorite player, Kobe Bryant.

Tatum will only be 27 when this off-season begins. That’s two years younger than Anthony Davis is now. The Los Angeles Lakers would get an elite MVP-caliber player for the entire length of his contract if they landed Tatum, and based on his comments it already feels like they have a good chance of doing so.

Well, while the 2025 offseason is still several years away and many things may happen before then, we at HH have to say…this claim carries little to no weight, as it did zero Indicating that Jayson Tatum is looking to represent something other than the green and white threads of the Boston Celtics going forward.

While the forward stated that upon entering the league he may have had desires to play elsewhere (namely Los Angeles and Phoenix), since his call-up, Tatum has done nothing but commend Boston and the C’s organization for doing so what they could do throughout his tenure, with notable quotes from “I am incredibly grateful to the Celtics organization and the city of Boston” and “I love this city, this organization and the best fans in the NBA. I plan to be here for a very long time.” comes straight from the star itself.

Currently on the cusp of bringing the organization their 18th Larry O’Brien Trophy, it’s a safe bet that JT’s attention is fully focused on his team and the 2022 NBA Finals Not what his plans will be when his contract expires.

Fret not, Boston Celtics fans, this is nothing more than unfounded in-game speculation.

We have more important things to fear than weightless claims!

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