Lottery odds and important dates for the NBA Draft

The Detroit Pistons still have work to do this season but are looking forward to the draft lottery and the NBA draft.

The NBA announced some key dates and locations for the draft-related events, including the combine, the lottery, and the draft itself.

  • Combine Design: 16-22 May in Chicago
  • Lottery Draft: May 17 in Chicago
  • NBA draft: June 23 in Brooklyn

All of these events are held in person and fans can attend.

The Detroit Pistons are hoping to get the lottery balls falling their way again this season as they would love to add another top-three pick to Cade Cunningham, Saddiq Bey and Isaiah Stewart who could make one of the NBA’s best young cores.

So where do the Detroit Pistons stand with 13 games left in the season?

Detroit Pistons lottery odds with 13 games remaining

After four straight losses, the Detroit Pistons still have the third-worst record, although they are now just half a game ahead of Houston and Orlando, who are virtually battling for the worst record in the NBA.

This gives Detroit a 52.1 percent chance of staying in the top 4 of the NBA draft with a 14 percent chance of being picked overall.

In their current position, they have a 26% chance of finishing 6th (highest odds of any single pick) and a 7% chance of dropping to 7th overall.

The Pistons have a game against Orlando, and while I never cheer for tanking, it might not be the worst time to lose a game and try to create better chances.

The team with the worst record is guaranteed a top-five pick, which is really the only advantage in achieving that dubious result.

The Pistons have 13 more games to play in the 2021-22 season and the race down will be almost as interesting as the race up as three teams compete for a possible lottery spot.

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