Los Angeles Dodgers place Clayton Kershaw on injured list


Clayton Kershaw was placed by the Los Angeles Dodgers on the inactive list before his scheduled start Friday. He had inflammation in his right SI joint (which connects the base and the hip bones) and is expected to miss his scheduled start Friday.

Kershaw was scheduled to make his sixth season-ending start at Dodger Stadium Friday night against Phillies righthander Kyle Gibson. Walker Buehler will take Kershaw’s spot. He is currently on his normal four-day rest due to Thursday off.

Dave Roberts, Dodgers manager, said Kershaw’s back was “locked up” during Wednesday’s flight from Pittsburgh to Dodgers. Kershaw claimed he received an epidural pain-relieving inject, but will not play catch for at most a few days.

Roberts stated, “I believe it will only be a short stint on the IL.” Just looking back at the past years, Roberts went through a similar situation and received an epidural. It is interesting to see how his body reacts.

The 34-year old Kershaw was enjoying another dominating season, despite being disabled from last year’s postseason due to soreness in his elbow. Kershaw started 2022 with seven perfect innings against Minnesota Twins. He has a 1.80 ERA in five starts and has struck out 32 batters. Three of his 30 innings were walked.

Kershaw is now on the IL for the sixth year in a row, most of his trips being due to injuries to his back.

Roberts stated, “He came back to give us a shot at winning the World Series this season.” There will be some management of the workload. His intelligence and experience allow him to know when it is time to push.

Roberts stated that Julio Urias will be moving up in order to face Philadelphia on Saturday. Los Angeles will host seven home games over six days starting Friday. Tuesday’s doubleheader is also on Friday.

Kershaw was replaced by the Dodgers’ left-hander Garrett Cleavinger who has a 5.40 ERA in his two appearances for Los Angeles.

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