L.A. Yet To ‘Aggressively’ Pursue Kyrie Irving Trade With Nets

The greatest ongoing story in the entire NBA remains the saga between the Brooklyn Nets and their superstar duo, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. After reports that Durant had requested a trade away from the organization, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Irving’s rumors about the Los Angeles Lakers would also surface again.

The Lakers’ interest in Irving makes sense as he would be a much better fit for basketball alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis than Russell Westbrook has shown. It looked like both sides were close to an agreement, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Corresponding ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowskithe Lakers have yet to aggressively seek a deal for Irving:

“Similar to Durant, I think it’s a very slow market right now. I think, unlike Kevin Durant, I think there’s a limited number of teams where it could make sense. I think there are teams who would like to make deals for him. It’s different from the sign and trade he was trying to get. There, the teams would have had to sign him for several years. He’s essentially on an expiring contract and I think teams that just need to hone their talent can take some risks with Kyrie Irving.

“The Lakers, I’ve been told, still have to be aggressive to try and get a deal [Kyrie] from Brooklyn. It may come, it may evolve over time, but right now there’s no real traction with either Irving or Kevin Durant. They will evolve over time, but listen, both processes could play out, and they don’t have to act either. They’re both under contract. You could bring them back to start the season. I don’t think that’s the ideal scenario for Brooklyn. I think it’s “trying to find the greatest possible amount of assets.” But again there is still a lot of time in this off-season and there are still many more talks to come.”

The problem for the networks is that teams know they want to handle their stars and so are unlikely to bid as much because Brooklyn is desperate. By all accounts, the Lakers are the only team genuinely interested in signing Irving, and both sides are trying to get the deal that will benefit them the most.

With both Irving and Durant under contract, Wojnarowski is right that the Nets could just hold on to them instead of accepting bad deals in the offseason. The Lakers may not have been aggressive yet, but that could change immediately, especially as the season approaches.

LeBron James wants Kyrie Irving at the Lakers ‘more than anyone’

Apparently if LJames has his way, Irving will end up in a Lakers uniform before the start of next season. The two thrived together in Cleveland, winning a championship in 2016, and LeBron certainly thinks they can hit that plateau again.

Reports suggest that LeBron wants Irving at the Lakers more than anyone, and while it hasn’t happened yet, those rumors aren’t going to die down anytime soon.

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