Kevin Durant trade rumors: Celtics can offer ‘best package’ for Nets star, according to Brian Scalabrine

The Kevin Durant Sweepstakes isn’t officially over yet, but as the free hand draws near, the reality is he could be in the trade market. With Kyrie Irving likely heading out in Brooklyn, that could mean Durant is asking for a trade elsewhere as well.

When Durant hits the trade market, offers should be pouring in. Even at 33, Durant is one of the best players in the league and has four years left on his contract. Offers should include plenty of draft assets and at least one young player of all-star caliber. Even then, given Durant’s superstar talents, it still might not be enough.

While the Celtics are fresh off an NBA Finals appearance, NBC Sports Boston analyst Brian Scalabrine said the team could be swinging for the fences in Durant. That would require a major reorganization, as the C’s were just two wins short of an NBA title.

“There is no better package than the Boston Celtics” said Scalabrine on Sirius XM NBA radio. “Jaylen Brown, three picks, two trades and Daniel Theis. The money works. You get the all-star caliber player and you get picks that move forward.

Of course, the Celtics and Nets have put together blockbuster trades in the past. When the Cs moved Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, they received a treasure trove of lottery tips that remain the core of the team to this day.

Scalabrine said there were other Durant connections that could bring him to Boston. He mentioned the Al Horford and Marcus Smart bonds. The former Celtic also brought along manager Ime Udoka, who spent a season as a Nets assistant at Durant in the 2020-21 season.

It would take a lion’s share of assets to get Durant trading anywhere. But Scalabrine at least said the Celtics have enough in their treasury to throw at the nets for arguably one of the best players in the league.

“You get a chance to play with Jayson Tatum, a guy he played with for the Olympic team,” Scalabrine said. “They trained together and stuff like that. There is a connection. It’s not crazy to think that something like this could happen. If and only if Kevin Durant decides I want out of here.”

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