Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving land with Knicks in trade proposal

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving — whom Boston Celtics fans may remember as the C’s little first-round roadblock, who narrowly held all four games of their postseason streak in the first round, but in a four-game sweep succumbed – held up the entire NBA offseason with their trade demands.

Irving has a desire to reunite with LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, while Kevin Durant is interested in joining the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat, but the Brooklyn Nets are not committed to any deal for one of the two superstars. So far, their desire to make the most of a Durant trade has brought the offseason to an abrupt halt as teams wait in the Durant Sweepstakes to see if they need to come up with a backup plan if they don’t win the two-time former NBA Finals MVP . As for Irving, Sean Mark’s reluctance to take Russell Westbrook back in a trade is keeping Le-GM from getting his preferred point guard.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst raised the possibility of the Lakers putting together a package, presumably with Anthony Davis and Westbrook, that would tie the Durant-Irving pairing together, but there are better returns than Westbrook, draft picks not for the half apply a decade and an aging AD – whose gunfight has fallen off a cliff since winning a bubble ring at Disney World in the darkest days of the pandemic.

Such an arrangement would be courtesy of the New York Knicks, who famously spurned the Durant-Irving duo in the summer of 2019. That rejection was the ultimate wake-up call for fans of the Madison Square Garden home team; Free Agents care not so much about playing for the crowds of “the most famous arena on earth” as they do about playing in a franchise that would lead them to significant success on the court at the NBA’s highest level. Despite the rejection three years ago, Knicks fans wouldn’t turn down the chance to see the orange and blue pairing come true now.

While New York just signed Jalen Brunson to a $100 million free agent deal this summer, it’s not often that two players on the level of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving play for your team. It hasn’t happened for New York for several decades. Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire don’t come close to counting.

With the chance to pair KD, Irving, Brunson and Mitchell Robinson, the New York Knicks have both the core to accommodate the duo and the parts to placate the Nets. The best part? They also have an advantage that the Boston Celtics are benefiting from.

Here’s a 3-team trade with the Boston Celtics, putting Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the Knicks

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Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving

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Julius Randle, Derrick Rose

Evan Fournier, RJ Barrett

Cam Reddish, Obi Toppin

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The Boston Celtics could sneak Seth Curry into this huge three-team deal that will give New York Knicks fans what they’ve been craving since Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Zion Williamson all ended up elsewhere in the summer of 2019. It would take a future first- and second-rounder, but Curry fits too well not to shy away at this award. Considering the Knicks are giving up their entire team outside of Brunson and Robinson, that’s the least Boston could do to make it easier for the Nets to trade their two franchise pillars.

Brooklyn can’t find a better return anywhere else. New York would have a Durant-Irving-Brunson-Robinson core covering all the bases and keeping the team competitive now and into the future. The Boston Celtics get a perfect complement to the “Jays” and the rest of their loaded rotation, which has grown considerably since free agency began.

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