Kenyatta to campaign for Fetterman in Pennsylvania

Malcolm Kenyatta, who lost one of the seats in the US Senate from Pennsylvania in the Democratic primary, said late Tuesday that he will meet with the winner, Lt. gov. John Fetterman, will run for office.

“In this race we know what is at stake. We don’t yet know who the Republican nominee is, but we do know that in John Fetterman we’ll have a candidate who is head and shoulders above any full-time resident of the fantasy island on the other side,” Kenyatta, who became the first openly gay man of color ran for the US Senate, said on “Meet the Press: Election Night Special” on NBC News Now.

“I think I do more events for Democrats running for office than any elected official in Pennsylvania. And if anyone knows Malcolm Kenyatta, I’ll be out there doing whatever I can to make sure we preserve democracy and don’t let it die on our watch,” Kenyatta said.

“Allowing any of these Republicans to become Senators from Pennsylvania will be the canary in the coal mine for democracy dying on our watch.” I won’t let it. And I don’t think any of us will, including John Fetterman – our candidate,” Kenyatta added.

Fetterman would win the Democratic primary, defeating Kenyatta and by a narrower margin Rep. Conor Lamb (D) in the race to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Sen. Pat Toomey (R).

President Biden said in a statement after Thee Associated Press called the primary in Fetterman’s favour, “The Democrats are united on John, who is a strong candidate.”

Fetterman is considered a more progressive candidate than Lamb, who is considered more moderate, due to his stance on issues such as legalizing marijuana and a $15 minimum wage.

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