June 16: Lawmakers at Work

Bills, bills and more bills. GOP reprimands member, withdraws assignment from another. Miller wins 14th Ward Dem Nod. Will there be changes in the election process? Here is the playbook.

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Senate aims to lower corporate tax rate: The Pennsylvania Senate twice on Wednesday agreed that Keystone state’s corporate tax rate is too high.

Two house law proposals for the gas tax: Two bills enter the Pennsylvania House with the same goal – to ease the pain at the gas pump for Keystone State residents.

PA Senate campaign: ‘You gotta eat’: Oz talks inflation, energy costs in Johnstown campaign freeze: The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat reports that “Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, standing in the produce department of Market Basket holding a melon on Wednesday, spoke about how rising transportation costs and inflation have impacted food prices in recent months. “

  • WGAL: Republican US Senate candidate Mehmet Oz holds a campaign rally at Camp Hill
  • PennLive: In an early poll, Fetterman and Shapiro lead their GOP opponents

“Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Pittsburgh Friday to Promote Infrastructure Dollars to Replace Lead Pipes”: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
reports that “Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Pittsburgh on Friday to announce federal infrastructure funds that will be used to remove and replace lead pipes that carry drinking water to millions of American homes.”

“Tara Zrinski concedes Nick Miller in PA 14 Senate District Democrat primary after voters settle ‘naked’ late mail-in ballot lawsuit”: The Allentown Morning Call reports that “Tara Zrinski defeated Nick Miller on Wednesday afternoon – 29 days after Election Day – in the hard-fought Democratic primary of the 14th

‘County GOP rebukes Pa. legislator; for him it means something like “a cloudy day”: PennLive reports that “a state senator was reprimanded by one of his local Republican committees for backing opponents of candidates the committee backed for two legislative seats. These actions by Sen. Mike Regan, R-Cumberland/York Counties, “not only undermine what our committee is doing, but encourage others to do the same in future elections,” said Louis Capozzi, Cumberland County GOP Chair, in a letter informing Regan of the committee’s vote of no confidence.”

‘Rep. Dave Zimmerman says he was stripped of committee duties because of “perception issues”: LNP | Lancaster Online reports that “State Assemblyman Dave Zimmerman took to social media earlier this month to say that Republican leaders in the Legislature stripped him of his committee duties because they believed he was supporting a key challenger to Senator Ryan Aument.”

‘Pa. Teachers’ union opposes lawmakers’ proposal to allow school employees to be armed: PennLive reports that “The proposal by Republican gubernatorial nominee Mastriano immediately drew fire from the state’s largest teachers’ union, which sees it as a threat to student safety.”

“An optimistic Seth Grove set to start bipartisan election reform talks”: City & State PA reports that “after a lengthy primary cycle with a government-ordered recounta senior Republican tasked with overseeing electoral policy has expressed a desire to begin bipartisan talks on voting law changes before the November general election.”

‘Pa. The state university system adopts an enrollment-based formula for distributing state dollars: PennLive reports that “stakes on government investment in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education rose on Wednesday with the approval of a new registry-driven formula for allocating dollars to what will soon be 10 universities in the system.”

‘Pa. Senate votes to block charter school regulations going into effect’: PennLive reports that “The Pennsylvania Senate passed a concurrent resolution on Wednesday that would block the enactment of Gov. Tom Wolf’s regulatory changes to the state school law.”

“Battles over Pa. election rules that seemed settled after 2020 have now returned”: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “Pennsylvania’s primaries and The Senate race recount is over. But as the state heads for another high-profile and contentious November, election officials and attorneys are tentatively admitting: It’s starting to feel a little like 2020.”

“Law that would restrict access to inmate records” House: The Associated Press reports that “a bill that would allow incarcerated persons to request public records only about themselves or their own cases is making its way through the Pennsylvania legislature.”

‘PA House approves bill to improve training for junior firefighters’: ABC27 reports that “The State House unanimously approved a bill by Rep. Torren Ecker (R-Adams/Cumberland) to prepare young firefighters to become full-fledged firefighters.”

‘Reg. Wolf launches online elder abuse awareness website: ABC27 reports that “The Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) has announced the launch of two new online resources: a new website focused on the increasing financial exploitation of older adults, and an online training module on elder abuse.”

“PA bill would allow seizure of illegal dirt bikes and ATVs, fine riders”: ABC27 reports that “The Transportation Committee of the Pennsylvania House unanimously approved a bill that would allow police to seize dirt bikes and ATVs illegally ridden on local roads.”

‘PA Education Spending Rises to All-Time High’: WTAJ reports that “Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) data showed that taxpayer spending on public schools has been steadily increasing, hitting all-time highs year over year.”

“A bill to regulate the herbal stimulant kratom looked different after a panel of the Pa. House was done with it”: The Pennsylvania Capital star reports that “a State House bill that would improve consumer protections for kratom, an unregulated plant that has the properties of a stimulant when consumed in small amounts and an opiate when consumed in large amounts, is ending.” looked very different when she came out of committee this week.”

‘Casey, Cartwright Urge Scranton-NYC Rail Action’: The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that “US Senator Bob Casey and Rep. Matt Cartwright announced Wednesday that they have sent letters to the Federal Railroad Administration requesting the restoration of passenger rail services that shut down in 1970.”

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