Jordan Clarkson floated as a TPE possibility

With the Boston Celtics just falling behind – although it seemed like “way too short” was a more apt description in Games 5 and 6 against the Golden State Warriors – to win the NBA Finals, the best thing to do is overcoming the hump with a few more gambits current plan for the off-season.

Nothing about Celtics President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens’ time, who was in charge of the Boston front office, indicated that he would stand by while the rest of the league figured out what it would take to save Steve Kerr, Catch up with Steph Curry and co. Dynastic Dubs – an ode to the times before the pandemic.

In his nine years in the league, dating back to his earliest days as HC of the Boston Celtics, Stevens forged many relationships in that league that would serve him well as Front Office Head Honcho.

One that could serve him invaluably is the one he did with his former boss, Danny Ainge. Ainge is now an executive in the Utah Jazz front office, and given the Jazz’s notoriously disappointing results this past postseason, he may be planning a rebuild (or at least a quasi-rebuild) this summer.

Rudy Gobert is a Utah trading target who is expected to finally find a new home after being drafted by the Jazz nine years ago. Gobert famously brazenly caught and spread COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic and has trailed the Western Conference Finals three straight playoffs alongside non-boyfriend Donovan Mitchell, who Utah would appear to prefer to build around.

Another member of the Jazz that Ainge might advise the front office to deal with is Jordan Clarkson, whom BSS’s Dan Greenberg has floated as a potential TPE target:

Other ways the Boston Celtics could acquire TPE Jordan Clarkson alongside Evan Fournier

It’s going to be an interesting off-season for Brad Stevens, who must figure out who the irreplaceable members of this NBA Finals were.

If he doesn’t see super-sub Derrick White in that light, considering their similar salaries, he could be put in a Clarkson trade. Given the difference of a few million dollars, young guns Udoka Azubuike or Jared Butler could be throw-ins if that’s the basic deal frame.

Assuming the starting five are taboo, Daniel Theis could be another starting figure for the Cs to strike a deal with.

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