Is Paul Pierce broke? Celtics legend sued over high-stakes poker games loan

Boston Celtics Legend Paul Pierz is being sued by Stephen Carmona about an alleged six-figure gambling debt from a high-stakes poker game, according to TMZ Sports.

Carmona is looking $180,000 plus interest from the former NBA Player. In the lawsuit, Carmona alleges he hosted a poker game at his home on Jan. 27 and says Pierce asked him to borrow money to play.

Pierce reportedly borrowed $150,000 and promised Carmona to pay him back within a week. Carmona claims Pierce lost $140,000 in-game and only returned $10,000 but would borrow another $40,000 the following week.

Paul Pierce earned $198 million from the NBA

The former Celtics player lost all of $40,000 that night Carmona never paid everything from the previous game. Carmona allegedly requested payment of $180,000 multiple times but never received a response from “The truth.”

Pierce answered $198 million in 19 NBA seasons on salary, leaving fans wondering why he had to borrow money in the first place. Twitter is split between users who believe Pierce is broke and others who don’t believe Carmona is telling the truth.

Is Paul Pierce broke?

Pierce had an estimated net worth of 70 million dollars in 2021. He has previously played in the World Series of Poker and was once caught on camera smoking next to strippers at his friend’s poker night.

The truth may still have money in the bank, but he’s just bad at avoiding drama. Pierce is no stranger to lawsuits, one of the most recent being in 2020 when he allegedly refused to pay the guy who built and managed his marijuana grow house.

Pierce was also sued in 2018 for allegedly calling a security guard a “racist.” Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Battle. Last month, Pierce was also sued over an alleged cryptocurrency “pump and dump.” New York Times.

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