Is Brad Stevens a better head coach or executive with the Celtics?

Which version of Brad Stevens is a better fit for the Boston Celtics? The man on the sidelines with a clipboard? Or the version that currently serves as the team’s President of Basketball Operations? While this is in no way meant to be a shot at the Indiana Natives’ coaching chops, many are wondering if this move really was the place where it would best fit in the organization.

By most accounts, a series of missteps by outgoing team president Danny Ainge had turned the franchise he’d spent more than half a decade building into an enduring favorite into a mess after nearly climbing that mountain for a second time at the top of the league Celts.

Stevens managed to tie that Gordian knot in less than two seasons, finishing the job Ainge started and seemingly setting the team for continued success in pursuit of an 18th banner.

The hosts of CLNS Media’s “A-List” podcast recently debated whether Stevens is a better coach or manager, but you have to watch the clip above to hear how they react to bargain hunter Brad.

This post originally appeared on Celtics Wire.

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