Is 2022 Avalanche better than 2001 Stanley Cup champions?

girl: Okay, that was fun. And spectacular. The Avalanche not only won the Stanley Cup, taking it from the two-time defending champions, but marched through the playoffs with a 16-4 record. Wow! So let’s post a question that’s sure to spark a heated debate between old-school supporters and fans who’ve recently jumped on the bandwagon: Who will win a seven-game streak between the 2001 Avs and this year’s team?

chambers: This team. That third period was incredible. In 2001, the Avs had to sweat it out in the third period to stay the course and win the trophy with a 3-1 Game 7 win over the New Jersey Devils. The third period of this team was an operation. Colorado dominated the Lightning, limiting a desperate team to four shots. With a 2:1 lead, the Avs kept their place. They had Tampa Bay on their heels. Impressive way to end an incredible 16-4 run.

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