How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Phone





4. Spymaster Prothis app is one of the functional versions of the monitoring Apps for WhatsApp messages for someone and enable you to see his WhatsApp  chats on WhatsApp for this someone . if you do not have a hug experience with computer you this process takes10-15 minutes. but you need to the phone that you need to read WhatsApp messages and see all WhatsApp chats for someone. We will introduce you the stages to install this app then you can read all WhatsApp messages without mobile:( it has need to Jailbreaking and rooting ) 1.paid-of the app lincense.2. take the phone of someone which you wish to see its WhatsApp messages to someone with this method.then root phones.3. set up Spymaster pro. 4. you can entry to dashboard and WhatsApp account then spying on the WhatsApp Messages and find several number of chats for someone.



5. Hoverwatch this app is available for Android only, so if you want to observe WhatsApp messages for someone without let him know. this application for WhatsApp messages can record all messages WhatsApp that are sent and received. it can record WhatsApp messages and monitor the links that are shared. you do not need high computer skills because it is very accessible to use. ( it has no need to Jailbreaking and rooting )





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