Ime Udoka had a great message for Celtics about Draymond Green’s trash talk

Honesty has been Ime Udoka’s best policy this season.

As much as the Boston Celtics head coach can beg his players to stay out of trouble as they battle Golden State Warriors instigator Draymond Green in the NBA Finals, he can’t tell them he’d heed his own advice.

“I told them if I was a player, who I was, I’d probably get a double technical right away,” Udoka said Tuesday in his message to the Celtics about how to deal with extracurricular activities on the field like we do in the game 2 saw on Sunday.

Green was the focus of this extracurricular activity, and was given a technical foul in the first quarter after confusing it with Grant Williams, and narrowly avoided a second technical foul after a duel with Jaylen Brown late in the first half.

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Udoka doesn’t seem to have a problem with his players engaging with Green and the Warriors — as long as they stay in their own game.

“I say be who you are,” said Udoka. “If you want to ignore it, ignore it. If you want to get involved, get involved. Do what you do. Be who you are.”

For more “chatty” Celtics like Grant Williams or Marcus Smart, that might mean handing it back straight to players like Green. For others who prefer to focus on their own game and ignore Green (like Celtics star Jayson Tatum), Udoka is fine with that approach as well.

But the Celtics coach wants his team to do a better job to match Green on the physicality front.

“The most important thing is to keep your composure,” added Udoka. “With us, I don’t think it’s so much the talking as the physicality that they brought with them. That was sometimes noticeable. When we talked about the first game in Milwaukee, the adjustments Miami made were more physical. We obviously know Green is the one that kind of bleeds into the team.

“…Do what you do. Block it or meet physicality with physicality.”

Udoka leaned toward the latter mindset during his playing days: Udoka, a 6-foot-6, 215-pound grinder, built a seven-year NBA career by playing aggressive defense and outperforming his opponents.

Green outplayed the Celtics in Golden State’s 107-88 Game 2 loss and it’s up to Boston to reply in Game 3 Wednesday night at the TD Garden.







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