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Dota 2 Omniknight (Photo: Valve Software)

Omni Night Dota 2The strongest support hero after the 7.31 update has given him a new Hammer of Purity ability in particular.

With this new attack tool included in his skill set, the Crusaders, known as Purist Thunderwrath, have a victory rate of over 55% and are the best support hero option for crushing MMR in current metagames. There is one.

Omni Nights are in a great location right now, and support players looking to improve are wise to add Omni Nights to their repertoire.

Read a two-part guide on how to play an omni night that has been redesigned to maximize his potential, starting with his skill set and talent to avoid some growing pain. please give me.

Overview of Omninight Statistics

Omni Night starts at 660 HP at level 1 and gains 3.1 strength per level. This is a reasonable amount for a hero. He also has 4.5 starting armor and gains two agility per level.

In most cases, omni nights shouldn’t be at the forefront, so no additional viability from the item is needed to stay alive during the team’s battle.

Overall, heroes are pretty durable, but you need to be careful not to explode at the beginning of the battle.

Omninite has a high natural survival rate, but heroes start with only 0.8 mana per second, so they suffer from mana problems.

The purist has a fairly good intelligence gain of 2.1 per level, but it’s still not enough to solve his mana problem. One or two mana items are required for the hero to get.

Breakdown of statistics:

  • Level 1: Health 660, Mana 267, Armor 4.5, Damage 31-41

  • Level 15: Health 1520, Mana 615, Armor 9.17, Damage 97-107

  • Level 25: Health 2380, Mana 1011, Armor 14.5, Damage 140-150

  • Level 30: Health 2720, Mana 1155, Armor 16.5, Damage 157-167

Omni Night Skill


Good old cleansing, omni night bread and butter spells allow him to heal allies and damage nearby enemies.

The 300 damage dealt by this skill is pure damage. That is, it is not diminished by magical resistance and can therefore catch enemies without your knowledge.

Purification is your bread and butter, but it should be maximized next to heavenly grace. Spells heal more and have lower cooldowns at more levels, but they also increase their mana cost.

Purification can be used to creep on allies and can confuse enemies attempting their final attack. It can also be used as a nuclear weapon if there are no friendly heroes near the enemy.

Blessings of heaven

In honor of purification, Heavenly Grace is Omniknight’s best spell. It allows him to dispel allies and provide them with a great deal of power and renewal of health.

When used by allies, Omninite casts a Heavenly League race on itself, but this does not dispel Omninite’s debuff.

Heaven League Race is an incredible spell because it basically makes allies unkillable. The strength of the bonus is a total of 760 health, and at level 7 there is a lot of additional health.

When buffs are also applied to omni nights, the team’s total health increases by 1520.

Heaven League races are best used for strength scores if possible. This is because this spell deals 38 bonus damage. Heroes such as Sven, Lifestealer, and Tiny are the strongest carry to benefit from this spell.

Heaven League races can dispel allies and eliminate the negative effects of stuns and silence. It’s often best to use this spell when an ally is hit by a long stun, such as Mirana’s Arrow or Bain’s Field Grip.

However, Heavenly Grace has one major flaw. At the same time as dispelling the enemy’s debuff, the buff itself can also be dispelled by the enemy.

Items and spells that remove buffs from the Heaven League Race include the Divinity Huh of Eul, the Tornado of the Invoker, and the Devil’s Purge of the Shadow Demon.

In such situations, it is important to cast heavenly grace to avoid losing all of its significant buffs after these spells have been used.

Purity hammer

Hammer of Purity is Omniknight’s new ability added in the 7.31 update and is a great spell for him. It deals pure damage to enemies and applies a 5 second throw with a 10 second cooldown.

The Hammer of Purity provides Omniknight with the long-awaited attack capability. Level 1 costs only 50 mana, so you can spam spells during the laning phase to zone out enemies and set kills.

In early Team Fights, Omni Knight can use the Heaven League Race on his side, then rush to the enemy and use the Hammer of Purity. Purists no longer have to stand in the backline during combat and can now enjoy beating down their enemies.

The Hammer of Purity has a problem that becomes more common as the game progresses — it has a short 350 cast range.

This is not an issue in the laning stages or early team fights where omni nights can run into conflict. But then, as the core deals more damage, it becomes dangerous for Omninite to approach just to apply the Hammer of Purity.

The Purity Hammer must be the last spell that maximizes Omninite. It’s a good spell, but it’s both cleansing and heavenly grace.

In some cases, leaving it as a one-point wonder and maximizing the stats instead is not a bad idea.

A guardian angel

Omninite Ultimate applies a 100% physical resistance shield to allies within a 1200 radius. Physical immunity lasts for 5 seconds at level 1 and 8 seconds at maximum levels. This spell has a long cooldown at all levels.

The guardian angel is a decent ultimate for omni nights.Almost all carry-ins Dota 2 You can win the game if you can do physical damage and counteract it. The spell also has enough radius to easily apply the shield to all allies during a team fight.

However, Guardian Angel has its drawbacks. The biggest is the fact that it can be wiped out as well as the Heaven League race. Heroes like the Brewmaster can apply a range of dispels and remove the ultimate as soon as it is used.

Guardian angels also come with a long cooldown and a large mana cost. Both of these factors make this spell difficult to use. Should I use a guardian angel to save my support hero? The enemy’s Enverse Spirit is jumping in, is it a good time to use Ultimate, or is he just poking?

Guardian Angels are easily the most difficult spells to learn for omni nights. Spells deserve points to invest in it whenever possible. Keep in mind that Guardian Angels have a lot of issues that players need to remember.

What talent should you get?

Omni Knight has a flexible item build that can adapt to what the game throws at him, but his skill build is set a bit more stone. In most cases, there is a clear winner of the talent to undertake the omni night.

Level 10: +50 Basic damage vs +4 Heaven League Race Duration

50 Basic damage is especially high at level 10. However, omni nights rarely hammer their enemies, and bonus damage does not speed up agricultural speeds or structure damage worth taking.

Adding a Heaven League Race for 4 seconds will increase your spell’s uptime to 100%. In other words, your core should always be strengthened with bonus strength and health recovery. Heaven League Race is Omninight’s best spell, and this talent makes it even better.

Level 10 is easy. The additional period of HeavenlyGrace is too long to skip.

Level 15: -30 seconds guardian angel cooldown vs -2 seconds purification cooldown

This is a difficult choice and depends heavily on the player’s playstyle and enemy drafts.

The guardian angel is certainly the ultimate, but suffers from a long cooldown. Saving 30 seconds will greatly help solve the problem. Like Aganim’s Scepter, this talent is worth taking when faced with a physical threat and is of little use against magical damage.

Other talents reduce the purification cooldown by 2 seconds and the spell’s cooldown to a maximum level of 10 seconds. It’s not the greatest talent in the world, but it’s a great upgrade for spells.

Players can choose between at level 15. Purification talent is generally more convenient, especially when combined with the Holy Rocket. Upgrading the Guardian Angel isn’t worth it in most games, but it can definitely be a talent to win the game in certain games.

Level 20: -4 seconds purity cooldown hammer vs +4 Heaven League Race Strength / HP per Stack

On paper, this looks like an easy choice, but usually the Heavenly Grace is great, but why not make it better?

But in reality, when Omni Night reaches level 20, the game has a 90% chance of ending. When approaching the second half of the game, you should use the Heaven League Race, not as a dispel, before the battle begins for the buff.

It’s too dangerous to hold a Heaven League race and wipe out the fainting of allies. The enemy can first target the omni knight and defeat him.

Heaven League races buff omni nights so much that holding a spell and not casting it gives the enemy too many openings to abuse.

Of course, that’s not all.

During the battle later in the game, Omni Knight may cast the Heaven League race a couple of times in battle.

This is when the talent is really shining. When the first Heavenly Grace expires, the carry player may have a few debuffs. With level 20 talent, Heavenly Grace offers 10 bonus strengths and replays per debuff. This is a large amount of additional viability.

The Hammer of Purity cooldown talent, on the other hand, reduces the spell’s cooldown to 6 seconds. With some bonus cast ranges, Omni Knight can safely cast spells, dealing a fair amount of pure damage and slowing down enemies.

Overall, Heavenly Grace’s talent is a better option than usual, but it’s also well worth reducing the Hammer of Purity cooldown. Players can try both and choose the one that suits them best.

Level 25: + 75% of Purity Damage Hammer vs +160 Purification Damage / Heal

At level 25, supporting Omninight is another easy talent choice. Especially when combined with a level 15 cooldown reduction talent and a holy rocket, the additional 160 heels that nuclear attack enemies with pure damage are incredible.

The additional damage of the Hammer of Purity is great, but there is no reason to take over the incredible value offered by other talent choices.

Notice the second part of this guide working on omni night item builds.

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