“Heard that before lol!”: Isaiah Thomas throws shade at Celtics after reports surface claiming the organization told Robert Williams to play through injury

The Boston Celtics have reportedly told Robert Williams he can play despite his injury. Not surprisingly, Isaiah Thomas doesn’t like hearing that!

Isaiah Thomas was a fan favorite during his time in Boston. The 5’9 guard was a phenomenon in the TD Garden and many believed he would remain with the team for years to come.

In three seasons with the Celtics, Thomas averaged 24 points, two rebounds and six assists. In the 2016-2017 season, an extraordinary year for him, he even came fifth in the MVP voting.

He was traded to the Cavaliers in the 2017-2018 season, which came as a big surprise to Thomas himself. Especially after his performance last year!

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After joining the Cavs, Isaiah’s career has gone downhill. He was constantly plagued by injuries, a predicament he attributes to the Boston Celtics.

Isaiah Thomas throws shade at the Boston Celtics after reportedly telling Robert Williams not to worry about injuries

The Boston Celtics are currently battling in the 2022 NBA Finals. A key part of their run to the Finals has been none other than the “Time Lord,” Robert Williams.

However, before the start of the playoffs, he injured his knee. Still, reports have surfaced suggesting the Celtics have told center to play through the injury.

This report rubbed the wrong direction on Isaiah Thomas, who decided to cast a shadow over the organization. He took to Twitter where he reminded fans the Celtics had told him the same thing when he had a hip injury in 2017!

It’s hard not to agree with IT. He was an exceptional player whose career suffered from a nagging hip injury that later led to various other ailments. No wonder he struggled with the team not updating him on the severity of his injury.

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