Hawks looking to trade John Collins for lottery draft pick

The Kings (No. 4) and Trail Blazers (No. 7) are poised to trade their draft picks for immediate help.

But what team would trade a good veteran for one of these picks?

Maybe the Hawks who have John Collins and the number 16.

Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer:

League sources say the Hawks are looking to add a lottery pick, either trading directly with John Collins or including that pick as well. One of the teams they’ve had talks with is Portland.

Atlanta is looking for a shake. Maybe Collins too. The 24-year-old is a good young player who can roll to the edge, dive and shoot. He has shown that in a better environment he can keep up reasonably well, at least defensively. He is suspended at $25.14 million a season for the next three years and then has a $26.58 million player option.

The number 4 is probably too high to trade for Collins. Although the Hawks could use the No. 16 pick or other assets to even the trade, Collins and Domantas Sabonis would be a terrible big-man defensive combo in Sacramento.

A deal centered on Collins for the number 7 would make more sense. Collins could be a great pick-and-roll partner for Damian Lillard as Portland tries to rebuild.

Of course, the Trail Blazers are considering numerous options.

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