Former Celtics Star Kemba Walker Involved In Weird NBA Draft Trade

The NBA Draft can be one of the most confusing events sports has to offer. Players are called up, put on a hat, and then find out that the hat they’re wearing doesn’t even represent the team currently holding their rights. It is strange.

This trial appears to be a common occurrence compared to what happened on Thursday.

The New York Knicks, Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons were involved in one Trade with three teams that affected veteran players, rookies, draft picks and… nothing? This is how each team got out of the trade.

Detroit receives: Kemba Walker, No. 13 Pick (Jalen Duren)
Charlotte receives: First round pick 2023, Second round pick 2023 (x3), Second round pick 2024
New York receives: cap room

That’s correct. The New York Knicks traded their first-round pick along with veteran Kemba Walker for an essentially $10 million cap spot. This room is expected to be used by the Knicks to make an offer to Dallas Mavericks free agent Jalen Brunson.

Detroit got the rights to one of the draft’s top centers, along with his own pick Jaden Ivey, all for the cost of Buy up Kemba Walker. Charlotte received five picks, after Rod Boone of the Charlotte Observer.

Knicks fans continue to be the most pained (and confused) in all of basketball.

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