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Hamilton admits that he is having a hard time mentally

The Australian Grand Prix is ​​approaching rapidly after an action-packed start to the 2022 F1 season. Ferrari and Red Bull are vying for supremacy at the forefront of the grid, with Charles Leclerc winning in Bahrain after Max Verstappen suffered a dramatic power outage. Red Bull recovered in Saudi Arabia, but the race was overshadowed when a missile attack hit an oil refinery less than 10 miles from the truck. Verstappen stopped Leclerc in a thrilling race and the team was very evenly prepared for the stop in Melbourne this weekend.

Mercedes needs to do much more work than in most cases after the season has made a disastrous start. Lewis Hamilton struggled with the pace and only finished in 10th place in Saudi Arabia. Team principal Toto Wolff downplayed his hope of rising soon, but warned that there was no “quick solution” to the car problem. “The car isn’t as good as Red Bull or Ferrari,” he said. “It’s floating in a gray area where you can’t challenge the front, but you’re certainly faster than the midfield behind you.”

Ferrari believes it has discovered that added edge, but one report claims that it has not yet shown the true power of the engine and may withhold it until the Spanish Grand Prix. “guess so [Mattia] Binotto’s team is also strategic and don’t want to show the true power of the unit early in the season, “the report said.

Follow all the latest F1 news and get ready for the Australian Grand Prix after the thrilling start of the 2022 F1 season.


F1 latest news

Scuderia made a sensational start in the 2022 season and is now leading the driver and constructor championship.

However, according to Formu1a.uno, they haven’t fully exploited the power unit’s potential yet and plan to do so as the season progresses.

“Engineers are quiet, but despite the introduction of E10 fuel, Ferrari should be the engine maker with the most power recovery compared to last season,” the report said.

“guess so [Mattia] Binotto’s team is also strategic and doesn’t want to show the true power of the unit early in the season. “

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 16:00


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Engineering director Andrew Shoblin said Mercedes will take a “step-by-step” approach to improving Hamilton and Russell’s cars in future races after “a little overkill” in tweaking before qualifying in Saudi Arabia. increase.

Hamilton was shockingly eliminated that weekend in the first quarter, but Shoblin believes that the gap between Mercedes and the midfield provides “breathing space” for experiments trying to catch front runners. ..

“We don’t have the illusion of what that performance gap is, and in Jeddah it was a bit bigger than Bahrain in the end,” he said.

“If you want to challenge Ferrari and Red Bull cars, there’s a lot to find in both qualifying and long term, but behind us it looks like there’s a bit of room in the middle.

“We need to do a good job to get ahead of them, but we can afford a little bit to give us a solution to experiment on the weekends and raise the level of performance. Buy a breathing space in the car. Everyone is working very hard to understand the problem and come up with a solution and we will do it step by step over the next few races. “

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 15:45


F1 latest news ahead of the Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton is encouraged for further misery in Melbourne after his Mercedes team has ruled out a major upgrade to the Australian Grand Prix this weekend.

Hamilton is already 29 points ahead of the championship race after finishing just 10th in the second round in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago.

Mercedes has dominated this sport since 2014. He has led Hamilton to six titles and has won eight unprecedented Constructors’ Championships in a row.

But Hamilton and his new British teammate George Russell have largely written down their desires unless Mercedes can radically improve a poorly performing car.

The Mercedes season was derailed by “porpoising”. This is a phenomenon seen when the car bounces the suspension violently at high speeds.

This issue was completely surprised by Mercedes, and Russell said it was responsible for 99 percent of the team’s issues.

Silver Arrows was proposed to bring a new rear wing and improved floors to Melbourne for the first F1 race downunder in two years.

However, PA news agencies understand that there are no major updates planned for Sunday’s race at Albert Park.

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 15:30


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It is no exaggeration to say that Nico Hulkenberg intervened on behalf of Sebastian Vettel in the first two races of the season and found a bug for him to drive again.

This season’s Aston Martin reserve driver, the German, finished 17th and 12th in two races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, ahead of AM driver Lance Stroll in 2nd.

And while he is more willing to accept returns more permanently, he states that it is not a quick option.

“Yes, of course, if there is a good opportunity, I definitely want it [a full-time return to F1].. Now that we’ve left Bahrain, the rush of qualifying, the excitement of the race, and the fight on lap 1, there’s a lot of great things happening in F1 and it’s a lot of fun, “he said.

“So, of course, with the right opportunities, it’s not an easy and easy task. With these new cars, I think everyone has a very steep learning curve. There are many, and you know, and we will continue for the next few months.

“I’m glad I got up again and helped the team. I’ll stay on standby if I need it again.”

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 15:15


F1 latest news prior to the Australian Grand Prix

Formula One World Champion Max Verstappen said he would try to curb off-track commitments and focus on his day-to-day work as a racer.

The Dutch Red Bull driver has been in the spotlight for the media, sponsors and fans after the 2021 victory. Relaxation of biosecurity protocols could further increase his demand for time.

“Without Covid, I wouldn’t do much more … I’m racing on weekends, so I’m not there to entertain the crowd,” he told reporters Thursday. At Albert Park prior to the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.

“I entertain them by doing it on the track, otherwise I feel sick and have poor performance. Therefore, I have to maintain the exact same approach as any other weekend race. . “

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 15:00


F1 latest news prior to the Australian Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz’s big goal this season is simple. To get his first victory at the Grand Prix.

Ferrari started the season well, and the Spaniards were on the podium twice with teammate Charles Leclerc winning in Bahrain.

But as Sainz told the BTG podcast, he not only wants his own win this season, but also has more daring ambitions in the future.

“I want to win. Let’s see the rest,” Sainz said.

“I keep pursuing my dreams in F1. It’s obviously winning the first race and then the championship. But to win the championship, you have to win the race.

“I keep chasing it. I’m not saying it will happen, but I wake up every morning and sleep in my head every day, so I hope it will happen.

“To win the world championships, you need a podium that is consistent with your win. In the last few years, every time you have a chance to win the podium, you have shown yourself that you have it and proved to yourself.

“I had a chance to win once or twice and was almost successful. So I’m confident. You give me the right car, I think I can be there.”

Sainz’s next opportunity is Melbourne this weekend.

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 14:45


F1 latest news

Sebastian Vettel missed the opening two rounds of the 2022 F1 season through Covid and hopes to start for Aston Martin this weekend.

He started the campaign in Australia this time and knows he has to face a sharp learning curve after a month away from the car.

“I feel like I’ve arrived late for school after I got positive on the test and missed the first two races, so I want to go again,” Vettel said.

“Of course, starting the season in Australia is something I’ve done before, and it’s great that F1 is back in a difficult few years.

“It’s important for me to learn through practice sessions after nearly a month away from the car. I hope I can take a step forward in races that are usually exciting and unpredictable.”

Teammate Lance Stroll hopes to upgrade the track for even more fun racing.

“Melbourne is a very nice sports city and Albert Park trucks are always fun to drive.

“We look forward to sampling the revised layout and repaved trucks. We hope this will improve overtaking, especially towards the tightened turn 13. In fact, these It will be very interesting to see how the new ground effect car works here. They also hope to make the race closer and more exciting. “

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 14:30


F1 latest news prior to the Australian Grand Prix

Pirelli tire compounds for this weekend’s race: Hard C2, Medium C3, Soft C5.

Mario Isola, Director of Pirelli Motorsports:

“The circuit layout has been significantly revised to improve overtaking, and as a result there is also new asphalt that should be very smooth. The track is likely to provide a very low level of grip at the start and the conditions are better. It may fluctuate.

“During development testing, we noticed a relatively small performance gap between the C3 and C4 compounds, so we decided to choose the compound recommendation step. The new Albert Park is a good place to try this. I believe it is a place. Option. “

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 14:15


Nikita Mazepin talks about “cancellation culture” for Russia

Former Haas racer Nikita Mazepin opposes sanctions on Russian athletes, but says he will not publish his views on the situation in Ukraine because of the “tremendous risk” that no one will be pleased. There is.

Mazepin’s father owns the Uralkari company, which was dropped as a sponsor by the racing company before the driver himself was dismissed from the team.

“I don’t agree to be sanctioned. I said earlier I’m going to fight it,” Mazepin told the BBC.

“If you look at the whole situation that’s happening to athletes in the general case, it’s probably not the right time, as it will cancel the culture for my country.

“It’s about sanctions.

“My feeling [on the war in Ukraine]They have obviously changed as human beings and as those who want to live in a very peaceful world.

“But I’ll be honest with you. I’m never satisfied with anyone, so there’s a big risk to say anything about this case, so I’m publicly quiet. “

Nikita Mazepin was fired by Haas on Saturday (Bradley Collier / PA)

(PA wire)

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 14:00


F1 latest news

Haas works 24 hours a day and used one of the curfew to assemble a new Mick Schumacher car after a qualifying crash in Saudi Arabia.

Team boss Guenther Steiner explained that “tough” decisions for the crew and misfortunes in qualifying and practice once again mean one driver on the grid.

“I broke the curfew last night because everyone wanted to move forward this morning, so I don’t have to cross the curfew tonight. Breaking one curfew was worth it to reach a good point.” He said.

“You need to bring as many parts as you can at this time. You can’t bring any more. No more in stock. Everything you have, you bring it here.

“But be careful because we don’t have a spare chassis or safety net here. Otherwise, start over with one car!”

However, the better news is that the Schumacher chassis from the last timeout can be repaired and rejoined to the team’s spare parts pool once it has passed customs and returned to base.

Karl MatchettApril 7, 2022 13:45

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