F1 Live: Ferrari leads Max Verstappen Australian Grand Prix practice time and leaderboard

Who won the most F1 GP at Albert Park?

Preparations for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend are underway following the opening practice session when F1 returns to Melbourne. Australia hasn’t held a Grand Prix for Covid-19 since 2019, but the second of the 2022 season after Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen claim their first two wins of the season in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, respectively. We are holding 3 races.

Mercedes and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton have left important work to do as the team struggles to overcome the aerodynamic difficulties of the W13 car. The two-week break from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix provided time for Mercedes to work on the issue, practicing early to see if Mercedes was successful, but the team also needs to postpone major upgrades. Before returning to the Albert Park circuit.

Follow us on FP2’s live time and leaderboards, as well as all the latest news, updates and buildups ahead of this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.


F1 latest news

Christian Horner, the boss of the Red Bull team, is concerned that the amount of DRS zones at the Australian Grand Prix will be “like a MotoGP race” on Sunday.

The DRS zone was an important part of the previous tactical battle between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc in Jeddah, where the Red Bull man eventually won, but Horner said he had more opportunities to use the DRS zone. I am afraid that overtaking will become commonplace and there will be less relationships. Driver’s technique and ability.

“Four zones, it’s almost the entire lap behind. Well, what you don’t want DRS to do is just a cruise past because it’s too easy.

“With DRS, you can get more slipstream effect. This needs to be done, but it doesn’t just pass through either side. Therefore, the distance between these DRS zones is very high. It will be interesting.

“It may be like a MotoGP race where you can change laps a couple of times. Wait until Sunday and book your judgment, but it depends on the length of those zones. If overtaking is too easy, it’s not good. “

Karl MatchettApril 8, 2022 15:30


Max Verstappen says Red Bull is a “just a little” “very strong” Ferrari in Melbourne

The defending world champion set the second fastest time in FP2. This is two tenths of the distance from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

As in the first two races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Scuderia and Red Bull continue to beat the team. Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz finished in 3rd place, and Verstappen’s partner Sergio Perez was 5th after Fernando Alonso.

And while there’s still some work to be done to close the gap with Ferrari, Verstappen is happy with his pace in Melbourne so far.

On Friday he said: “At the beginning of FP1 and FP2, I was a little unbalanced, so I changed the car a little in the final run and felt very happy.

“It didn’t help because there was a car in front of us on the last lap. We’re a bit far from Ferrari, but I think we’ll be a little closer on the weekends. I don’t know tomorrow, but so far they have Seems very strong again. “

Lawrence OstreaApril 8, 2022 15:11


“No difference”: Lewis Hamilton reveals frustration with Mercedes’ poor performance

More from Lewis Hamilton on the Mercedes Struggle:

“I don’t think it’s hard to find our way home. There’s not much we can do. This is the current situation, so we need to drive with it.

“Even if you’re trying to push, catch, and do a decent lap, it’s frustrating because it’s down 1.2 seconds. It’s difficult.”

Lewis Hamilton: “There’s not much we can do”


Lawrence OstreaApril 8, 2022 14:52


“No difference”: Lewis Hamilton reveals frustration with Mercedes’ poor performance

The seven-time F1 World Champion, who finished 3rd and 10th in the first two races of the season, showed signs of improvement by leading the car to 7th in the first practice session in Melbourne.

However, Hamilton could only manage 13th place, and Mercedes teammate George Russell was in 11th place, so the team retreated in FP2.

Disappointed with Sky Sports, Hamilton said: At this point, it makes no difference what you change in your car. It’s difficult.

“You’re very optimistic and make changes, but it doesn’t seem like you want to improve. I’ve made some changes to P2. P1 is better and P2 is a bit harder for me. I don’t know, it’s just a tricky car. “

Lawrence OstreaApril 8, 2022 14:35


George Russell explains why Mercedes didn’t upgrade the car for Melbourne

With Russell slightly ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton, Silver Arrows managed only 11th and 13th in their second practice session in Melbourne.

Mercedes is having a hard time getting out of the midfield in the third race as Ferrari and Red Bull continue to prove to be quite fast.

And Russell explained that due to the cost caps enforced by the FIA ​​in the 2022 season, active constructor champions simply can’t afford the problem.

Lawrence OstreaApril 8, 2022 14:16


Charles Leclerc sets the practice pace in Melbourne, Lewis Hamilton is only 13th

Two weeks after the controversial Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, F1 has returned to Albert Park in Melbourne for the first time since the 2020 race was canceled due to a pandemic.

Hamilton, who finished 10th in Jeddah, slowed down again with a poorly performing Mercedes.

The seven-time World Champion demanded more power and more grip after his disappointing show in the previous round.

However, Silver Arrows continues to fight new regulations and arrives in Australia without major upgrades.

Hamilton finished 1.5 seconds behind Leclerc, with world champion Max Verstappen in 2nd place, 0.245 seconds of drift and Carlos Sainz in 3rd place in other Ferraris.

Neither Mercedes driver was able to make it into the top 10 on Friday afternoon after Hamilton’s teammate George Russell finished in 11th place 1.2 seconds behind.

Fernando Alonso, who made his debut here 21 years ago, was one more ahead of Red Bull’s Sergio Perez and was fourth for Alpine.

Karl MatchettApril 8, 2022 14:00


F1 latest news

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso is enjoying his comeback in F1 and hopes to spend another couple of years in the series, the Spaniards said Friday.

After being disillusioned with sports, Alonso returned to the beginning of last season after a two-year break to extend his one-year contract with Alpine this season.

Australian reserve driver Oscar Piastri is waiting for a chance, but Alonso said he didn’t feel the pressure to keep the seat.

“Obviously, if I were 25, I wouldn’t have this story,” he told reporters at Albert Park on Friday prior to the Australian Grand Prix.

“It was an era when people were trying to find a way for young talent, but I think it’s about performance.”

F1’s oldest driver, Alonso, finished 10th in last season’s championship, 7 points ahead of 11th-placed French teammate Esteban Ocon.

“I think it went well last year. It ended a little in front of Esteban,” he said.

“Let’s see what happens this year’s fight. It’s not about age, it’s about performance.

“As I said earlier this year, I still feel competitive, fast and enjoying my time in F1.

“So I’ll race, I guess, a few more years-a few more years.”

9th in Bahrain’s opening round, Alonso hopes to return to Albert Park’s point on Sunday after failing to finish in Saudi Arabia.

Karl MatchettApril 8, 2022 13:45


Williams driver Alex Albon claims that Melbourne trucks are “dangerous” with a wall at the pit exit.

Alex Albon didn’t have a great day in terms of real time, but his bigger concern is the changes made to the tracks and walls around the pit exit.

Indeed, he feels he has already had one or two close calls and is confident that the impact could occur during Saturday’s qualifying.

“I don’t know how I feel [the pit exit walls],” He said.

“This year you can see that these walls are much closer and even tighter. It’s actually pretty dangerous, it can inhale you.

“Our car has so much downforce that we get out very early, just at the edge and crossing. I think there are really limits in qualifying. You really I’m winking and I hope the front left doesn’t come off.

“”[The final corner] In fact, it’s the worst of the lots.I saw the Czech Republic [Sergio Perez] Don’t be surprised at the qualifying as it was a few millimeters away in one lap. Hope it’s not me, but some corners may have been stripped off. “

Karl MatchettApril 8, 2022 13:30


F1 latest news from Australian Grand Prix

Take a walk on the team’s social media in the afternoon to see who enjoyed their first day in Melbourne!

Ferrari fans are at their best, McLaren offers a close-up of the speed and control of a local boy, Valtelli and Lewis are still the best buds, and Haas is in the A-League Men ahead of tomorrow’s Melbourne Derby. Mixing sports, Nicholas Latifi is discussing him for the first time at the Australian Grand Prix with Williams. Meanwhile, Red Bull has randomly decided to anticipate Miami next month.

Karl MatchettApril 8, 2022 13:15


F1 champions welcome potential Porsche and Audi entries

Formula One World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen welcomed the possibility of Porsche and Audi arriving on Friday after the engine rules were changed in 2026.

The Volkswagen Group confirmed Thursday its plans for entry after technical regulations were set to make the sport more sustainable.

There has long been speculation about potential partnerships between existing teams and the Audi and Porsche brands, especially former champions McLaren and Red Bull.

Mercedes’ Seven World Hamilton told reporters at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

“I think it’s great to have a new manufacturer in sports, especially our customer team, although there are many teams that have the potential to be top teams.

“I think it will be great in the future, so I welcome you.”

McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams are all currently using Mercedes power units, the latter two of which are also considered potential partners for Audi. Other current engine manufacturers are Ferrari and Renault.

Red Bull has set up its own powertrain company to take over from Honda. Honda officially withdrew at the end of last season, but still assembles the unit to provide trackside support.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, said last week that the F1 team was “absolutely not for sale” and wasn’t looking for more equity partners, but Volkswagen was “very preliminary. A conversation was held.

Last year, Audi and McLaren denied reports that a partnership had already been formed. Red Bull is especially related to Porsche.

“I think it’s very exciting and very important for F1,” said current champion Verstappen, who has signed with Red Bull until the end of 2028.

“Of course, we have 10 great teams, but it’s really great to have a really big brand behind them. Looking at that commitment, we’re looking forward to what the future will bring to the team. “

Karl MatchettApril 8, 2021 13:00

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