Ex-Celtics center Kendrick Perkins has bold take on Kevin Durant trade rumors

Kendrick Perkins has a brave stance on Kevin Durant trade rumors that originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Kevin Durant’s trade request sent shockwaves through the NBA last week as the Brooklyn Nets superstar made his debut.

Durant signed with the Nets as a free agent in the summer of 2019, and after 90 games and just one win in the playoff series, he’s reportedly looking to get out.

News of Durant’s trade request surfaced last week and from all the clues gleaned from various reports, it doesn’t sound like much traction when it comes to finding the Nets forward, who have formed a new team in that span of time.

Latest update on Durant trade rumors including Nets asking price

Kendrick Perkins had a rather interesting take on the Durant Trade Sweepstakes during a segment on ESPN’s NBA Today. The former Boston Celtics center doesn’t think Durant actually wants to be traded.

Listen to Perkins’ explanation in the video below:

The nets don’t have to move Durant. You can take your sweet time with this process. The four-year, $194 million (excluding player/team options) extension he signed last August will begin next season. So he has very little influence in this situation.

Brooklyn can take that into the season, see if Durant, Kyrie Irving and a healthy Ben Simmons play well together, and then go from there. Perhaps the team will exceed expectations early on and Durant will decide to stay. Either way, there’s no incentive for the networks to rush into a deal that doesn’t return a massive batch of first-round draft picks and at least one young star.

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