Draymond Green would’ve been ‘knocked the f—k out’ in ’80s

Boston Celtics star Cedric Maxwell said Sunday night that Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green’s antics in Game 2 of the NBA Finals “blew him away” in his time.

Green, who clearly got under the Celtics’ skin in the dubs blowout Sunday, left his leg on Jaylen Brown’s head after the two became tangled and then attempted to pull down Brown’s pants while he was standing – two incidents Maxwell said , would have led to fisticuffs in its day.

Instead, Green, who often seems to get away with ’80s-style physicality, somehow avoided a second technical foul.

“Let me just tell you this, and I’ll say it as clearly as I can. Did Draymond Green do that? He would have been blown away in the ’80s,” said Maxwell, who joined CLNS Media in Boston after playing with Gary Payton, the great Seattle SuperSonics.

“That’s the difference with our basketball, our basketball is different,” Payton replied.

Maxwell then shook his head, giggled, and said “Motherf-ker” a few times while mimicking elbows, headlocks, and punches.

“You would have taken it out of the air and broken it off. You would have put it all the way over there,” Payton said, pointing to the basket at the other end of the court.

Maxwell, who won two titles with the Celtics in the extremely physical 1980s, has been a color analyst for Celtics games at Boston-based WBZ-FM for the past 21 years, including Sunday’s NBA Finals game.

His assessment of Green, while mundane, was accurate. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once punched a Bucks player in the face simply for getting an elbow in the stomach; Green clear three players like an NFL fullback probably wouldn’t have gone over well in the ’80s.

“Fouling ass motherf—kers. Fouling bitches,” Maxwell continued over Payton’s shoulder while attempting to answer a question about his son, Warriors guard Gary Payton II.

“In our day we would have spoiled their shit too,” Payton replied.

“You would have watched [Payton’s former SuperSonics teammate] Shawn Kemp, the bottom of his damn shoes,” Maxwell added, laughing.

Green responded to Maxwell’s comments during Tuesday’s media presence with a half-hearted argument that the ’80s wasn’t really a more physical time.

“Some of the guys who were talking weren’t the guys who were hitting people.” said Green. Maybe that’s true in general, but Maxwell once attacked a Sixers fan in the stands, “hit Roundhouse” Charles Barkley and said his Celtics teams had bounties that were paid out if you stepped on an opponent’s chest after they had taken on an attack.

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