Draft Lottery Reveals Selections in 2022 Draft

2022 NBA Lottery Tips Revealed

By Paris Lawson | Broadcast and Digital Reporter | okctunder.com

Thirteen years have passed since the Thunder were last selected in the top 5 of the NBA draft. Since then, 80 percent of the league have had at least one top-five pick and 50 percent have made two top-five picks. During Tuesday night’s draft lottery in Chicago, The Thunder received the number two overall pick in the June draft — the organization’s first top-five pick since 2009.

The Thunder left the league gambling with two lottery selections including the 12th Pick over the Clippers. In addition to his own second-round picks and a late first-rounder traded from the Phoenix Suns, Thunder’s entire cache for the 2022 NBA draft consists of picks at 2, 12, 30 and 34.

Former Thunder player and current Front Office member Nick Collison represented the Thunder onstage during the lottery. Although Collison’s first entry into the lottery, the 14-year-old NBA veteran has spent a decade playing in Oklahoma City and extensive time in the front office, meaning he knows exactly what the moment means for the organization and fans .

“Happy for the fans. Lucky for the city. It is exciting. Lucky for the people in the organization,” Collison said. “Obviously you want to pick as high as possible, so getting 2 is exciting for us. The work for us in the front office will just keep going.”

While the team’s two top-12 picks and four top-34 picks are unprecedented in Oklahoma City history, it’s the clarity the organization has been itching for. Now that the Thunder has clear information about where it will select, attention now turns to its preliminary design process. This process consists of countless hours of assessment, numerous workouts and interviews with prospects, while also relying on his scouting team who work tirelessly around the world to source and identify talent leading up to the draft in Brooklyn on 23rd June.

“It’s a three-step process. First, you need to figure out where to pick from. Second, you must make a choice; and third, you must help develop the player and create an environment for the player,” said Sam Presti, Thunder’s general manager and executive vice president, in his pre-lottery press conference.

“Tonight is just the first step in that process for us, which is getting clarity on where we’re going to pick.”

While the spectacle of the draft and the thrill of the lottery are two coveted events on the NBA calendar and hold significant value for the future of teams and organizations, they are just two of the myriad opportunities and touchpoints for the Thunder to develop and improve a team throughout the season. Because of this, a large portion of the Thunder’s current Oklahoma City roster has been in the gym during the offseason to work on their individual growth and development for next season.

“That really encourages me, like I said before, at the end of the season a lot of the improvement in our team will come from our current building and maybe not so much from what’s happening tonight or in the draft but I couldn’t be prouder of that.” It’s going to be what the guys are showing right now,” said Presti.

In Thunder’s Eyes, the outcome of the lottery is beyond its control, but its reaction to the outcome determines its future. For Oklahoma City, regardless of the outcome, the answer has always been to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

“As long as we continue to operate according to the principles of discipline, sanity and perseverance, I truly believe good things will happen to us as an organization,” Presti said.

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