Doylestown Hospital Earns Primary Heart Attack Center Certification

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. — Doylestown Hospital received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval and the American Heart Association’s Heart Check Mark for certification as a Primary Heart Attack Center.

Doylestown Hospital is one of 33 hospitals in the United States and two in the state of Pennsylvania to receive Primary Heart Attack Center (PHAC) certification.

Doylestown Hospital underwent a rigorous on-site review in April 2022. During the visit, a Joint Commission auditor assessed compliance with relevant certification standards, including process review focusing on symptom onset and first medical contact, emergency medical services, catheterization laboratories and inpatient care.

PHAC centers provide primary percutaneous coronary intervention (catheterization to open blocked arteries) on-site for heart attack patients 24 hours a day. Common commission standards are developed in consultation with healthcare professionals and providers, measurement experts and patients. The reviewers also conducted on-site observations and interviews.

“Certification provides us with a method to ensure the highest quality care based on guidelines established by the American Heart Association,” said Elaine Schultheiss, coordinator of Doylestown Hospital’s Woodall Chest Pain Center. “This shows that we not only meet these standards, but often exceed them. It represents the commitment of our administration, physicians and clinical team to provide care that achieves the best outcomes.”

“We’re really proud to have received and maintained this certification,” says Doylestown
Vice President of Health, Cardiovascular and Surgical Services, John Mitchell. “This certification is
the result of the continued focus of our physicians, providers and staff, and the culmination
Years of quality improvement at Woodall Chest Pain Center resulting in the highest quality
Caring for our heart attack patients. This PHAC certification recognizes our commitment
cardiac patient care.”

“Primary Heart Attack Center certification recognizes healthcare organizations that are committed to this
Promoting continuous quality improvement in patient safety and quality of care,” says Mark
Pelletier, RN, MS, Chief Operating Officer, Accreditation and Certification Operations, and Chief
Nursing Manager, The Joint Commission. “We commend Doylestown Hospital for using it
Certification to reduce variation in its clinical processes and strengthen its program structure
and Management Framework for Cardiac Patients.”

Doylestown Hospital’s Woodall Chest Pain Center is fully prepared to treat cardiac emergencies
Around the clock. Emergency and cardiac specialists coordinate patient care with the local ambulance
services even before a patient arrives.

The Woodall Chest Pain Center, which focuses on prompt diagnosis and effective treatment, is also accredited by the American College of Cardiology, indicating a higher level of expertise in treating patients who arrive with symptoms of a heart attack. A multidisciplinary committee at the Chest Pain Center meets regularly to develop plans for project improvement. Continuous process improvement is a goal of Doylestown Hospital’s cardiovascular program.

“Certifications such as the Chest Pain Center and the Primary Heart Attack Center allow us to continue to develop a quality program to measure and compare our results nationwide and ensure ours
Processes are standardized according to the latest guidelines for heart attack care,” adds Schultheiss.

“We congratulate Doylestown Hospital on this outstanding achievement,” said Nancy Brown,
Chief Executive Officer of the American Heart Association. “This certification reflects his
Commitment to provide heart patients with the best possible care.”

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