Dothan Freezer Magazine announces expansion of 25 new jobs, $ 8 million investment


DOTHAN, Ala. – Dothan Warehouse is pleased to announce its second expansion at the Dothan Freezer Depot located at 3570 Westgate Parkway, Dothan, Alabama. This expansion will create 25 new jobs in the Dothan market and will involve an investment of $ 8 million.

“This investment is very important for the economy of our region because it strategically improves our efforts to diversify our economy. As we continue to improve our community infrastructure, we are excited to see companies like Dothan Warehouse succeed in the distribution, warehousing and logistics industries. The expansion of Dothan Warehouses will increase our market capacity to grow in the food storage and distribution sector, which uniquely enhances the health of our economy in the southeastern United States by creating valuable jobs.

“Phase 1 and 2 extensions represent a $ 28 million investment and will add more jobs once fully implemented.” said Mayor Mark Saliba, Dothan City. Houston County Mayor Mark Culver expressed his appreciation for this investment and the ongoing efforts with companies like Dothan Warehouse to invest in the area. “Our city, county and region continue to grow and support existing businesses that have a strong history like Dothan Warehouse. “Their continued investment is further evidence that we are building a business climate to drive growth in the Wiregrass region,” he said.

Dothan Freezer Warehouse Announces Continued Expansion During Phase 1, Dothan Warehouse created 55 new jobs for people at Wiregrass and invested $ 20 million expanding its 75,000-square-foot trail with the ability to blow up 16 truckloads of product loads a day. During the Phase 2 expansion, which is currently underway, Dothan Warehouse is expanding its storage space by 30,000 square feet, also doubling the parking capacity of trailers. Phase 2 expansion leads to the creation of another 25 jobs, coupled with a $ 8 million capital investment.

The extensions described above allow Dothan Warehouse to increase its overall turnover, which results in increased customer service. These expansions are also a direct result of the increased production of the poultry industry in our region. Dothan Warehouse has been in business since 1980 and has always provided quality third party logistics services to its clients. Dothan Warehouse’s strategic location puts the organization at a competitive advantage due to its proximity to major ports in the southeast. At present, the company uses 845,000 square meters of dry storage space, 185,000 square meters of cold storage space and 100,000 square meters of frozen storage space.

Dothan Warehouse can manage the entire storage and transportation operation of a company in their facility, reducing the need for large and expensive capital improvements. The company can also customize its processes and services to unique needs. In addition, Dothan Warehouse has the ability to adequately store and distribute specialized products, such as those in the biopharm industry.

Dothan Warehouse believes that the biopharmaceutical industry will continue to grow in our local market and their unique capabilities position them well to meet the needs of this specialized industry in the future. “We also provide a warehouse management system with a scanning capability and the ability for customers to check online inventory,” explained Dothan Warehouse President Turner Jones. From loading, unloading, trans-loading, freight consolidation, freight forwarding and repackaging, Dothan Warehouse has a diversified portfolio to serve the diverse needs of companies in need of dry storage.

Dothan Freezer Magazine announces expansion of refrigerated storage and refrigerated storage, Dothan Warehouse will cover you. We appreciate the strong support we have received from the Alabama State Department of Commerce, Alabama Industrial Development Training, Dothan City, Houston County, Dothan / Grow Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, Dothan City Industrial Development Board, Community Wallace College and Southeast Alabama work. ”

Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield said: “The expansion of Dothan Warehouse will give a boost to the Wiregrass logistics and distribution group and open up the region for more investment opportunities in the food and beverage sectors. With the portfolio With its diversified dry, cold, and refrigerated storage facility, the Dothan Warehouse project complements our efforts to drive growth in many critical sectors of the Alabama economy. “Providing these services to new food-related companies in need of explosion-proof freezing capabilities. We are excited to see them continue to invest in Alabama.”

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