Donald Trump Backs Surefire Primary Candidates in Bid to Boost Success Rate

Donald Trump gave an 11-hour endorsement to a host of incumbent congressmen on the eve of the next round of the Republican primary.

The former president backed candidates hoping to win their respective elections in Utah, Oklahoma and Illinois on Tuesday.

While the apparent impact of a Trump confirmation has been the focus of some GOP primaries, such as JD Vance’s victory in the Ohio GOP Senate primary or Mehmet Oz’s eventual victory in the Pennsylvania Senate primary, the most recent series is confirmations from the current President pose almost no risk.

As with a large majority of Trump-backed candidates in primaries across the country, the former president has backed incumbents who very rarely lose midterm elections, let alone party primaries.

Former President Donald Trump backed surefire candidates in Utah, Oklahoma and Illinois in Tuesday’s GOP primary. Above, Trump makes a remark during a Save America Rally at the Adams County Fairgrounds June 25, 2022 in Mendon, Illinois.
Michael B Thomas/Getty Images

The delay in the announcements could indicate Trump is trying to boost the numbers of his apparent talent for picking eventual winners in the GOP primary after a recent losing streak in Georgia.

The endorsements also appear to be more of a formality than an attempt to influence the election, as some of the candidates are longtime supporters of the former president.

Burgess Owens

Republican congressman representing Utah’s 4th congressional district. The former soccer star famously turned the seat around in 2020 after narrowly beating Democrat Ben McAdams by just 3,765 votes.

Owens has backed the false claim that Trump beat President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election The Salt Lake Grandstand that December that “there is no question in my mind that I believe he won.”

Trump card said in a post on Truth Social: “Burgess is a former Super Bowl champion who knows how to win. In Congress, he works hard to boost the economy, support our veterans, defend the Second Amendment, protect life and uphold the rule of law, and provide our children with a great education.”

Chris Stewart

Stewart is currently Utah’s longest-serving member of the US House of Representatives and has not faced a primary challenge in the 2nd Circuit since winning the seat in 2012. The longtime Trump supporter now faces political newcomer Erin Rider in Tuesday’s primary.

In a debate moderated by KRNS radio in Salt Lake City on June 1, Stewart said Trump told him he would receive the confirmation, but the congressman did not actively seek it.

“Honestly, I don’t think it matters much. In some races it does. But I think I can win this race on my own,” said Stewart.

in the a statement On Sunday, Trump called Chris Stewart “a tireless advocate” for Utah’s 2nd congressional district.

“As a retired US Air Force pilot who set world records in flight, Chris knows how to defend our country, support our brave veterans and ensure peace through strength. In Congress, Chris is working hard to secure the border, protect our Second Amendment, grow the economy, and restore American energy independence,” Trump said.

Tom Cole

Rep. Cole will seek to win the GOP nomination Tuesday in Oklahoma’s 4th Circuit, where he faces challenges from Frank Blacke and James Taylor.

Cole has been a long-time supporter of Trump and voted against impeachment of the President for allegedly instigating the January 6, 2021 US Capitol riots.

“Tom is working hard to stop inflation, promote America’s energy independence, secure the border, boost the economy, protect life, support our veterans and strongly defend the Second Amendment,” Trump said said on truth social.

mike bost

Congressman Bost, representing Illinois’ 12th District, is another frequent Trump supporter who backed the former president’s unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Bost objected to the authentication of ballots on the evening of Jan. 6, 2021, when the ceremony resumed after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

Confirming his endorsement, Trump said, “Mike, a retired U.S. Marine Corps corporal and a senior Republican on the Veterans Affairs Committee, works hard to provide the best care to our veterans who have served our country so valiantly. Mike fights to secure the border, grow the economy, protect life and defend the Second Amendment.”

Kevin Hern

Hern is seeking re-election in the Oklahoma 1st Circuit. The June 28 primary was called off, meaning Rep. Hern will be running at the November half-term against Democrat Adam Martin and independent nominee Evelyn Rogers.

“A successful businessman, Kevin knows how to grow the economy, fight inflation, lower taxes and eliminate government waste. Kevin is working hard to secure the border, protect lives, support our military and veterans, and defend the First and Second Amendments,” Trump said.

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