Democrats promote right-wing extremist candidates in Republican primaries

In a wholly cynical election policy, the Democratic Party is pouring significant amounts of campaign money into promoting far-right candidates in the Republican primary, on the assumption that they will be easier to beat in November’s general election.

The strategy reveals the political bankruptcy and reckless recklessness of the Democratic Party. They are unable to offer policies and a political record that would actually garner the support of the vast majority of the electorate, working class and middle class. So they aim to make their Republican opponents even more obnoxious by promoting Republican primary candidates with the most reactionary and repugnant views.

Democratic campaign money and wealthy individuals embraced this cynical strategy in a series of primary elections in May and June, culminating in the June 28 primary in Illinois and Colorado, where Democrats intervened in virtually all Republican contests with mixed success. All of the far-right candidates supported by the Democrats lost in Colorado, but all won in Illinois.

The Republican primary in Illinois resulted in the nomination of far-right state senator Darren Bailey for governor and far-right attorney Thomas DeVore for attorney general. Bailey, an openly racist and semi-fascist, supports an initiative that would separate the city of Chicago, which he calls a “hell hole,” from the rest of the state of Illinois. DeVore has been known for speaking out against COVID-19 measures and vaccines, filing lawsuits against statewide and Chicago masking guidelines and vaccination mandates, and defending parents’ “freedom” to send their children to school maskless amid a deadly pandemic. He is also Bailey’s attorney.

Bailey promotes Trump’s lie of a ‘stolen election’, opposes abortion rights and masking, and spreads misinformation about vaccines from his Facebook campaign page. One of his key campaign aides is Lawrence Ligas, a longtime Illinois Republican activist and participant in the January 6 coup. Ligas was arrested and charged for his actions in the course of the Capitol occupation, forcing Bailey’s campaign to make a perfunctory statement of support for the bill.

Bailey and Rep. Mary Miller, a white supremacist and admirer of Adolf Hitler, enjoyed Donald Trump’s support at an event in Quincy, Illinois, the weekend before the June 28 primary. The two Democratic incumbents, billionaire Governor JB Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raoul, would be favored over any Republican opponents, including these two semi-fascists. But Pritzker left nothing to chance, pumping an estimated $36 million into Bailey and DeVore’s campaigns, which were channeled through the Democratic Governors’ Association (DGA).

Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey responds to reporters’ questions after winning the Republican gubernatorial primary Tuesday, June 28, 2022, in Effingham, Illinois. Bailey will now face Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker in the fall. [AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast]

Democrat intervention in the Republican gubernatorial primary was literally two-sided, as some of the ads attacked Bailey as “too conservative for Illinois” to spur far-right Republicans, and others attacked the relatively more moderate candidate Richard Irvin, former Aurora mayor and criminal defense attorney, from the right View.

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