Death Toll Rises to 9 in Italian Glacier Avalanche

The death toll rose to nine on Wednesday after a glacial avalanche in the Italian Dolomites, Maurizio Fugatti, president of the province of Trento, said as rescue workers continued to search for victims.

The two new victims were spotted by drones near the edge of the avalanche debris field on Wednesday, officials said.

Five hikers believed to have been near the avalanche are still missing.

Precarious conditions on the mountain prevent search and rescue teams from working near the avalanche site.

A police team skilled in DNA analysis was also called in to help identify the victims.

The avalanche happened when a piece of glacier the size of a house broke away from the 3,300 meter high Marmolada mountain.

Much of the country is experiencing a heatwave, and scientists say climate change is causing more glaciers to break off the mountains.

Some information in this report comes from The Associated Press and Reuters.

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