Danilo Gallinari Tweet shows he’s perfect for C’s

Just as the addition of Malcolm Brogdon excites Boston Celtics fans, the addition of veteran marksman Danilo Gallinari is another reason for excitement as Brad Stevens continues to make the Eastern Conference champions roster this offseason.

Needing a goalscorer off the bench, the Celtics reportedly reached an agreement with Gallinari, 34, who plans to sign a two-year deal with the team. The move came days after the Atlanta Hawks sold Gallinari to the San Antonio Spurs, who then bought him.

As a veteran player looking for a way to win a championship, the Celtics were at the top of Gallinari’s list, which makes this marriage perfect considering he brings to the team exactly what they need: an experienced marksman of the bank.

Danilo Gallinari is exactly what the Boston Celtics bench needs

While Gallinari isn’t exactly a young buck, he averaged 11.7 points per game with the Hawks last season and is always a player who seemed to have his best offensive nights against the Celtics. Let’s not forget that Gallinari is just four seasons away from his best season in the NBA when he averaged 19.8 ppg with the Los Angeles Clippers.

With Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as leading scorers, the Boston Celtics don’t need that, but a performance similar to what he did in Atlanta when he came off the bench for the Cs should be enough to put them over the top, especially when he can always offer some of the highlights he tweeted after the expected signing was announced.

A new chapter for Gallinari as he hopes to be the missing piece for a championship. His ability to create his own shot and launch it from across the strip will help the Boston Celtics bench tremendously. Its size also allows the team to get small at times.

Overall, certainly an upgrade over Theis, but as much as he will give the Celtics offensively, the defensive side of the ball is where NBC Sports Boston writer Chris Forsberg sees the downside to adding Gallinari.

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In his article, he writes what he believes to be the scam of bringing in the experienced sniper:

“Gallinari, who is never more than an average defender and slips as he ages, would immediately be Boston’s worst defender, although his size negates some of those concerns. Opponents shot at him 48.8 percent last season, which was 2.3 percent above expected performance.”

Forsberg went on to say that unless Gallinari puts down shots, it would be difficult for the Celtics to keep him grounded. With the depth Ime Udoka has to work with now it’s a good problem to have more nights than not it’s a good bet he will be a scoring machine off the bench.

All in all, a good addition for the Celtics and one that not only gives them more depth but also flexibility in the lineup. Plus, adding another veteran into the mix is ​​never a bad thing.

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