Celtics PRIDE podcast: Brogdon trade, Brad vs. Danny, bigs to target, and Summer League!

Mike and Adam climb into the pod to share their thoughts on the Celtics’ move to Malcolm Brogdon and why they’re both thrilled he fits into the roster. You then move on to see how this solid, needle-moving (but not earth-shattering) trade is emblematic of Brad Stevens’ approach as President of Basketball Operations as opposed to old boss Danny Ainge (again using his old tricks) . the Utah Jazz!) and her reading on whether and how this could benefit current coaches and players. Brad always preached about “hitting singles,” while Danny tended to swing after the fences.

The boys then turn to the rest of the squad and briefly discuss the signing of Danilo Gallinari before focusing on the squad’s (few) remaining requirements. They’re looking at the lackluster Bigs market, with Mike questioning Adam’s psychological soundness while Adam tries to make the case that including DeMarcus Cousins’ property would go much — if at all — further into tax.

Finally, Adam and Mike look ahead to Summer League, share the players they’re most excited about, what they’re looking for (Drop the buckets, Sam Hauser!), and pump up for the much-hyped GSW – BOS Finals rematch on July 12th (OK… maybe not the last part).

Watch all that and more at this week’s Celtics PRIDE.

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About Celtic’s PRIDE Podcast: Co-hosts Adam Motenko, his identical twin brother Josh Motenko and their friend Mike Minkoff couldn’t stop talking about the team. Now they supply your need for Boston Celtics content with their regular podcast on CelticsBlog.

They’ll talk nerdy to you, dissect and argue with players on and off the field as only opinionated New Englanders can. It’s as if CelticsBlog made a love child of BasketballJones / Dunc’dOn.

You’ll get the coach’s perspective, the capologist’s point of view, and a healthy dose of advanced and traditional stats that break down everything that has happened and could happen to the #1 Dynasty in the NBA. If you often think back to the players you grew up with or just want to be reminded of what being a Celtic means to you, this is the podcast for you. This is Celtic’s PRIDE!

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