Celtics Jaylen Brown Claps Back at Draymond Green Criticism


Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

The NBA Finals may be over, but that hasn’t stopped Draymond Green from shadowing the Boston Celtics in recent weeks.

On June 30, during a crossover episode between JJ Redick’s Old Man and the Three and the Draymond Green Show, Green took aim at Jaylen Brown, with the Golden State Warriors star claiming he knew that after a disagreement in the first game, his team lost the mental advantage have Celtics wings.

“When Jaylen Brown went to the media and said, ‘He tried to pull my shorts down,’ I knew I had taken his heart. I knew I had taken his heart. Not that I’ll have it next year, I’ll have to take it again next time we play him. But for the rest of that series, I knew I had him. Because you know you stood over me and tried to go to the media and act like he tried to pull my shorts down. Like, come on brother, you’ve stood above me, admit it. Another thing he said was, “We’re not scared of the Golden State Warriors”… no one asked you if you were scared of us… I knew at that point I was like, “Yeah, that’s over , this is baby food and we’re going to walk out of here with a championship,” said Green during the crossover podcast episode.

Brown took to social media to respond to Green’s claims.

“You can say whatever you want when you win. Draymond got a podcast and lost his damn mind… You never could.” Brown said while tweeting the podcast clip of Draymond casting shadows.

Green has been vocal about the Celtics since his team defeated them in six games to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy and has shown no sign of goading both Boston players and fan base.

Green takes a shot at Al Horford

Brown wasn’t the only one to get some smoke from Green in recent weeks, as the four-time NBA champion also took aim at Celtics veteran Al Horford on the same podcast, even though the big man is considered one of the nicest players in the league .

“It’s easier because we’re not playing LeBron James. They asked me a question in a press conference like “How do the IQs compare to Boston compared to LeBron” and it was like, shut up… It’s easier when you’re not playing LeBron James, who’s the ultimate mastermind in our game is. So you don’t play that chess game with him. It’s a lot easier to play a game of chess against others, but it’s different against LeBron… And Bron can prepare his boys for what’s to come. Al Horford wasn’t able to prepare them for what’s to come, so know it’s not disrespectful to Al Horford to go in,” Green told Redick.

While Green’s discussion of Horford wasn’t particularly defamatory, it did state the obvious. Last season, there wasn’t a single member of the Celtics rotation with NBA Finals experience, including Horford. So to say that LeBron James – arguably the greatest player of all time – could have prepared his team better was just a statement of fact.

The Celtics move on

While Green continues to take a victory lap, the Celtics have already got down to business and started to improve their roster for next season. On July 1, Brad Stevens orchestrated a trade that saw Boston acquire Malcolm Brogdon from the Indiana Pacers, then signed Danilo Gallinari from free agency.

Both Brogdon and Gallinari fill clear areas of need for the Celtics and have ensured Boston’s roster depth has improved significantly over the rotation we saw during the 2021-22 NBA season.

Boston still has access to its $17.2 million trade exemption and can try to fill its tally with some veteran minimum trades. While the main whirl of their activity has likely concluded, it’s safe to assume that Brad Stevens and the front office aren’t done revamping their roster just yet.

Thus, it is clear that the Celtics are in win-now mode and expect to return to the NBA Finals next season and avenge their loss to the Warriors.

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