Celtics Have Minimal Interest in Reunion With Ex-Starter: Report


Former Boston Celtics Jae Crowder reacts after being penalized for a foul.

Since the Boston Celtics have a $17.1 million trade waiver thanks to Evan Fournier’s trade with the New York Knicks last summer, they can potentially take on anyone with it until July 18, when it expires that amount of money or less deserved. One possible option is Jae Crowder, who played for the Celtics from 2015-2017. Crowder is expected to earn 10,183,800 in the 2022/23 season, meaning he could fit in the exceptional situation. According to Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Phoenix’s John Gombadoro, Boston doesn’t have much interest in bringing him back.

Gombadoro makes it sound like Boston would love to take Crowder out of the hands of the Phoenix Suns if the Suns gave Crowder away, but if the Suns asked for something in return, Boston wouldn’t be interested.

Things can change, but it seems Boston isn’t interested in reuniting with Jae Crowder unless the Suns would trade him to Boston for free.

Crowder named as a possible TPE target

The Celtics Blog’s Keith Smith has written a list of the top 25 players the Celtics could potentially target with the Evan Fournier trade exception. Crowder was ranked ninth on the list by Smith. Smith said that Crowder would have ranked higher on the list if he had shot better from a three-point country — Crowder shot 34.8 percent from three points in the 2021-22 season — but because he didn’t , he fell back to ninth place.

9. Jae Crowder – $10,183,800 – Phoenix Suns: Another old friend! And we’ve fulfilled CelticsBlog editor extraordinaire Billy Sy’s call for some former Celtics to be on the list! If Crowder hadn’t fallen off the planet with his gunfights last year, the reality is he’d be higher up this list based on his ability as a two-way player. But he struggled to shoot it, so Crowder’s down here.

Crowder wasn’t the only former Celtic on the list, as Smith named Kelly Olynyk, who played for the Celtics from 2013-2017, ranking him one spot above Crowder. Smith cited Olynyk’s shooting and passing skills as a reason he would fit into the team.

8. Kelly Olynyk – $12,804,878 – Detroit Pistons: If you feel like Boston can get wings in the free-agent market with the taxpayer MLE, why not bring home an old friend? Olynyk would fit right into the team’s forecourt. He’s playable with all the other Celtics greats, and his shooting and passing would be nice additions to this foursome.

Smith also named Marcus Morris Sr, who played for the Celtics from 2017–19, ranking him 17th on the list. Smith cited Morris’ toughness about why he should be someone to consider.

17. Marcus Morris Sr. – $16,372,093 – LA Clippers: Another old “friend.” Why friend? Morris and the Celtics didn’t part on the best of terms. But he would fill a need as a 3/4 who brings some toughness. Also, the idea of ​​Morris and Ime Udoka going head-to-head is humorous but scary.

Miami may want Crowder as PJ Tucker’s replacement

As mentioned above, Gombadoro alluded to the Miami Heat making sense as a target for Crowder should PJ Tucker leave them this offseason. However, Gombadoro later added that while Miami wants Crowder as a fallback option, he believes they don’t have a desirable asset that could entice Phoenix to trade Crowder to them.

Crowder played for Miami in 2020 and helped the Heat reach the 2020 NBA Finals before signing with the Suns right in the offseason.

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