Celtics fans are tempting fate with Steph Curry troll

What fans say or do doesn’t matter, by and large. At the end of the day, they’re not the ones playing on the pitch.

But Celtics fans who keep telling Steph Curry that Ayesha Curry can’t cook just don’t really do it feeling such a great strategy. Especially not before an elimination game.

I try to distract opponents and force them to play badly. But the thing is, Curry is coming off his worst shooting game — literally, ever. And now you’re telling him his wife sucks at cooking? Yes man. Just not a great move.

But here they are. With t-shirts and everything.

Furious. Good luck with that, Celtics fans. Serious. Other NBA fans pointed out that this is not the best strategy.

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Maybe it works. The last time they did that, Steph didn’t shoot well. I’m just saying I wouldn’t risk it.

Good luck to everyone who has to guard this guy in Game 6. you will need it.

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