C&C tabs T.J. Warren or Thomas Bryant as next signing

Danilo Gallinari was the opening salvo fired by the Boston Celtics during the 2022 free agency period and there could be another addition to the second unit soon, according to Chowder & Champions’ Owen Crisafulli. TJ Warren and Thomas Bryant have been named as the next potential signings by Celtic’s President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens and Co.

As the Cs add ‘gallo’ to the forward rotation, the next trade could be to refill the depth in the middle after Daniel Theis’ trade – who are we kidding, we all know he’s remembered as Malcolm Brogdon’s trade will remain – and that’s where Bryant’s name comes in. Currently, the Washington Wizards free agent Big Man finds himself between Boston and the Los Angeles Lakers in pursuit of his next goal.

Of course, the Boston Celtics could go in a different direction and continue to add points along the perimeter to fight the small-ball Golden State Warriors, who just defeated them in the NBA Finals and caught a Celtics target, Donte DiVincenzo, of the free -agent market. That makes a Warren pursuit a particularly intriguing one – although Blue Man Hoop’s Tony Pesta also pointed to Warren as a potential Warriors target.

Injuries could see TJ Warren and/or Thomas Bryant signings for the Boston Celtics

TJ Warren, Crisafulli pointed out, has only played four games due to a foot injury since the Lake Buena Vista sank at Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports complex in the hellish summer of 2020. Bryant, on the other hand, played 37 games over the past two seasons, which Crisafulli believes has stifled his growth as a player.

Both players are available due to injury issues that have taken up several seasons of their professional primes (Warren is 28 and Bryant is 24) but could potentially overcome their inactivity like John Wall in 2020-21 or Joel Embiid in Having done so in 2016 after being drafted two years earlier. Obviously, these are somewhat extreme cases, considering Warren and Bryant’s ceilings will likely never be as high as those of the aforementioned duos, but the Boston Celtics don’t need stars; the Cs need role players.

The Veteran minimum is the only way to add talent, so the only way to achieve both would be if all teams with the remaining MLE are passed to them. Whether this will be the case is for the open market to decide.

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