Businesses Enjoy Economic Boost As Colorado Avalanche Prepare For Game 2 Of Stanley Cup Final – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– Sporting goods stores were packed and hotel lobbies packed on Friday as the Colorado Avalanche prepared for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday.

(Image credit: CBS)

Over at Tom’s Watch Bar on 19th Street, game one brought huge crowds, and game two probably did too, giving businesses like Tom’s a boost.

“We have great Avs fans who usually fill up first, but we also had several guests from abroad who joined the party,” said Refik Turkanovic, a Tom’s operating partner. “It’s going to be absolutely stunning, this location has done great so far, we’ve been open for a year and a few days now and it’s helping us to grow.”

And this growth will also be felt by the country’s economy.

“Any event that brings together a lot of people from somewhere else is going to add tens of millions of dollars to the economy,” said Darrin Duber-Smith, an associate professor at Metro State University of Denver.

(Image credit: CBS)

That’s because more people are spending money in the arena and at watch parties, and events like this also bring employment opportunities.

“Events are important, tourism is important, the exposure we get from these big events is really important,” said Duber-Smith.

As the Stanley Cup helps our economy, Duber-Smith said it’s important not to be hasty because as we continue to thaw from the pandemic, a recession is likely and sooner than we expect.

“So I feel like this is sort of the last party before we get hungover and the bills come in, and we’ll get through however long the recession lasts,” he said.

(Image credit: CBS)

But now the likes of Turkanovic and his clients will keep partying.

“I hope the Avs win,” said Turkanovic.

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