BREAKING: Kathy Barnette SURGES in PA primary polling as Dr. Oz stumbles

With two weeks to go before the hotly contested Pennsylvania Republican primary, a new poll shows the race is now a statistical 3-way tie between Dr. Mehmet Oz, Kathy Barnette and Dave McCormick Is.

According to the new Trafalgar Group poll, Trump favored Oz’s 24.5 percent, Barnette’s 23.2 percent and McCormick’s 21.6 percent in the running for the nominee for retired GOP Sen. Pat Toomey’s seat.

The survey was conducted between May 6th and May 8th. The poll consisted of 1080 likely 2022 GOP primary voters, had a 1.44 percent response rate and a 2.99 percent error rate.

Pundits surmised that Barnette was on the rise because of her recent debate performance and Oz was down because of his strong rejection from Republican voters.

During last Wednesday’s debate, Barnette spoke about her mother, who was only 11 years old, when she was raped by a man 10 years her senior. Barnette was the result of this rape and her gratitude to her mother, who carried her and gave her life, was clear.

“Whether this was a leak or if this was a tactical operation, we will find out soon,” she said in response to a question about the recent, unprecedented leak of a draft Supreme Court majority opinion that could topple Roe v. Calf.

“One thing is clear, I am so very grateful that our nation is now having a very important conversation and that is the most important conversation that goes about life. I’m the by-product of being raped,” she said.

“My mother was 11 years old when I was conceived. My father was 21. I wasn’t just a clump of cells. As you can see, I’m still not just a clump of cells. My life has value and that’s one of the reasons it was so disturbing to see Mehmet Oz running for that particular race.”

Barnette said she’s seen Oz “on numerous occasions,” including on the podcast The Breakfast Club, where he said in 2019 that a baby’s heart at six weeks of pregnancy is just “one cell” with “small electrical changes.” Oz is a surgeon who has performed surgeries on infants.

“And the other thing is this whole heartbeat thing,” Oz said at the time. “I mean, it’s electrical changes at six weeks, but the heart isn’t beating… If you said we start when we can hear the heart, when the heart is actually doing something, that would be different. It’s not six but weeks.”

Barnette asked Oz if he had changed his position on this. Oz didn’t say whether or not he’d changed his mind, but said: “One of the toughest affirmations you can ever get comes from your mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is an ordained minister. She’s written a lot of pro-life literature in Montgomery County, where we live, and she certainly understands that I’m pro-life.”

“As a heart surgeon I have operated on little children as young as a few days old and seen the majesty of their hearts beating blood even though it was sick because I don’t operate on those bodies. I would never think of harming that child or even nine months earlier because life begins at conception,” Oz said.

In her closing remarks, Barnette said: “I am you Pennsylvania and like you I believe this is the greatest country that has ever been, but like you I believe our country is in trouble. I believe that America has allowed me to find my way out of abject poverty that is about to end.”

“This time you don’t have to hold your nose to vote for the lesser of two evils. I’m statistically tied for first place, so don’t throw away your vote if you vote for me.”

“Listen, go to my Kathy Barnett for Senate Facebook page and you’ll see exactly what I’m doing today, what I’m stepping up tomorrow after this race. You’ll see me in rooms full of black people changing their voter registration from Democrat to Republican, you’ll see me downtown and in Chinatown. They belong to me. You’ll see people lead me in front of a room full of Amish people who introduce me as someone with their values.

“Not only do I have my own base under control, but I can also go into every nook and cranny and collect the votes that we need to really do better than we did in the general election. So let’s do that.” Barnette received a massive round of applause after the remarks.

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