Boston Celtics Reveal New Player Hats for 2022 NBA Draft Picks – NBC Boston

Celtics Unveil New Player Hats for 2022 NBA Draft Picks, Originally Appearing on NBC Sports Boston

The 2022 NBA Draft is Thursday night, which means teams are getting ready to welcome a few new players into their organization.

Part of this process is getting the new clothes ready. Each year at the draft, players hear their names from NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and the first thing a league official hands them is a hat from their new team. They don the hat, pose for photos with Silver on stage, and then begin the media engagements.

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The Boston Celtics have unveiled their new draft hat for the class of 2022.

Check it out in the photo below:

It remains to be seen if we’ll see players don this new Celtics hat on Thursday night. The Celtics don’t have a first-round pick, and most second-rounders aren’t in the green room at the draft to pick up their hats and shake Silver’s hand.

However, the Celtics are reportedly among the teams interested in trading in the first round for the 28th-ranked Golden State Warriors pick.

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