Boston Celtics offseason open mailbag: what will Brad Stevens do?

Whoo boy, the offseason is just around the corner and in full swing and I haven’t been this unprepared for it in a long time. I feel like the kid who realized they had a final exam tomorrow, took one look at the amount of material to be covered, and decided, “No, I’m just going to wing it.”

Luckily we have a lot of smart people on this blog who do a lot more research than I do. But since this is the internet, I still have opinions that I will freely share!

So if you want some (probably wrong) answers to your pressing off-season questions, I’m here to help! I promise I won’t just shade into the B bubble every time. However, I can try to make patterns with the scantron.

Seriously, I’m happy to answer your questions about the Celtics roster, draft night, NBA free agency, the overall plan for the summer, and anything else you might want to ask.

If you want a preview of my thoughts, here are some I shared on Twitter:

It’s your turn. Post your questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them before the bell rings…um, I mean before the NBA draft takes place. Thanks in advance!

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