B/R tabs Dwight Howard as potential Daniel Theis replacement

While it’s been a hugely successful offseason for the Boston Celtics so far, all the twisting and acting that the front office has participated in has left one specific part of the rotation vulnerable heading into the 2022-23 season: their big-man Depth.

In the trade with Malcolm Brogdon, the Cs traded their primary backup pivot (Daniel Theis) and two backup bigs (Juwan Morgan and Malik Fitts), who profiled themselves as athletic power forwards capable of taking over the 5 in a pinch . The deal was one you make 10 times out of 10 when you’re the Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens, but it’s one you make when you know full well your work as front office isn’t finished .

Luckily, there’s no better time to create a hole in your depth map than the first week of free choice. There’s no shortage of options for Boston to consider with its three remaining roster spots — the team’s three TPEs and the veteran’s minimum are all still available.

Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley believes that Dwight Howard, once a trade target for the Boston Celtics in 2012 during Orlando’s ‘Dwightmare’, is the perfect target and one he described in his article titled ‘1 Free Agent Every NBA Team Should Still Sign’ for the team’ due to its size and length on the block:

“The Celtics need more size and length inside, especially after replacing backup Big Man Daniel Theis. Dwight Howard might not offer much in his 37-year season, but he still easily checks those boxes. It took him a while to settle into a supporting reserve role, but he’s coping well with the end of his career now. He can count up an impressive number of planks, blocks and buckets at close range in about 20 minutes a night.”

Dwight Howard would be the perfect add-on option for Boston Celtics on nights when Robert Williams is sitting

Howard remains one of several big men available on the open market for the vet’s minimum, alongside Ed Davis, Tristan Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Hassan Whiteside. We already know Thompson is fit (or unfit) in Boston, and we also know Cousins ​​is looking for a starting role that Boston can’t offer. That immediately removes two targets from the list for potential signings this summer. As for Davis and Whiteside, both Bigs are four years younger than Howard, but lack the championship pedigree that “Superman” has. Less than two years ago, Howard was the starting center for five of the six finals games played by the 2020 NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers.

The benefits of a potential Howard signing are that the Cs can use the 37-year-old in much the same way as Robert Williams III, given their similar skill set. When the ‘Time Lord’ inevitably has to sit out games here and there, Ime Udoka can keep his offensive plans intact and shove Howard into Williams’ place.

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