Avalanche’s Odds Move Up in Vegas Despite Collapse vs. Blues

The Colorado Avalanche let slip a 3-0 lead in Game 5 against the Blues and now the series returns to St. Louis for a Game 6.

While there’s no way to end the streak and secure a spot in the Western Conference Finals, oddsmakers aren’t too concerned about their chances of winning the Stanley Cup. In fact, their odds dropped from +140 to +120.

Here are the latest Stanley Cup odds via WynnBET Sportsbook.

Odds of winning the Stanley Cup

  • Avalanche +120
  • Lightning +260
  • Hurricanes +650
  • Oiler +650
  • Rangers +1000
  • Flames +2200
  • Blue’s +3500

Will the Avalanche win the Stanley Cup?

Personally, I wasn’t the biggest supporter of the Avalanche this season, but they got the job done (mostly) this postseason. Apart from that, no team had easier times in the first two encounters. They defeated a Predators team that was by far their worst postseason team, and now they can take on a Blues team that is upsetting one of Colorado’s biggest potential wilderness challenges.

Well, if the Oilers beat the Flames, that’s going to be another series to break their way. Therefore, the Avalanche will potentially have an extremely easy route to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Still, at +120 I don’t see any value in it. If they make it to the Stanley Cup Finals and lose Game 1, you could probably get better odds. If they lose Game 1 in the next series, you could probably still get better odds. Also, keep in mind that they’re not out of the blues yet. If they fail to win Game 6 in St. Louis, they will face a winner take-all game in Game 7.

As much as the Avalanche probably deserve to be the favorite, now is not the time to bet on them to win the cup at +120.

You can follow Iain’s bets on Best stamp here.

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