Avalanche vs Lightning:Why don’t NHL players touch the Stanley Cup before they win it?

Athletes tend to be a superstitious bunch. If you hit a home run with mismatched socks, all of your socks must be mismatched for the rest of the season. Caught that successful touchdown pass after eating a tuna sandwich? Guess what all your pre-game meals will be. And ice hockey is no exception.

Of all the superstitions and omens that the game has, there is one that stands above all. You never touch the Stanley Cup until you do rightfully won.

While this superstition can extend to conference trophies, there are many well-known exceptions to this side of folklore, including Players who touched both the Campbell Bowl and the Prince of Wales Trophy before winning the Stanley Cupbut seldom are they hoisted.

Conference trophies are a welcome addition to any cabinet, but NHL players pretty much agree on that point the only Is correct The championship cup is the Stanley Cup.

Tradition dictates that the captain of the winning team is the first to lift the trophy. It’s a right you must first earn by winning. before this moment You have no right to raise, or even touchthe most sacred relic in North American sports.

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog chose to touch the Campbell Bowl on road to this year’s Stanley Cup, following a tradition of former captain Joe Sakic touching the trophy en route to winning the Stanley Cup in 1996 and 2001.

Even when the tradition is broken, the Avs seem keen to keep it alive.

In 2015, Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos refused to touch the Prince of Wales Trophy. After her loss, he decided to create a new tradition by touching her in 2020 and 2021. The Lightning won the Stanley Cup both years.

Regardless of the status of conference trophies, the Stanley Cup is sacrosanct and will not be touched by any player who has not won that right.

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