Avalanche Studios is Currently Working on a Roguelike Game

Ah, roguelikes, not to be confused with rogue-lite games. Anyway, there has been an alleged leak regarding a title developer Avalanche Studios was working on. Avalanche is a bit better known for games like the Just Cause series and Rage 2. The information comes from a leaker on Twitter known as Look at Weber.

On what was found in said leak; First of all, the game has a title: Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt. It’s a third-person fantasy roguelike title currently in development where you play as one of three ships. Each ship has three trait cards, a culture trait card, a weapon trait card, and an ability trait card. More can be acquired in the overworld, through leveling up, or through in-game purchase.

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One of the game’s big attractions resembles Senu (and later the Eagle Vision mechanic) from Assassin’s Creed Origins, and here players can transform into a raven and see the world from a bird’s eye view. In this form, you can look at the enemies below and rate their number, difficulty, and whether you feel like attacking them.

Death in this game requires players to start over and select a ship again, essentially repeating the process, making it share a trait of something like Slay the Spire. Sources also pointed out that there are live service elements in Ravenbound, such as new enemies, rewards, and quests that are added monthly.

When asked about this Avalanche Studios game, Weber said, “I would describe the game as sort of Dead Cells, but open world.” He also mentions that the game “seems to be in a good state of development,” but that’s no indication of whether it’s coming sooner or much, much later.

The likelihood of this being linked to another Avalanche project is very slim as Avalanche’s most recent public announcement last June was for a completely different project thanks to Aaron Greenberg.

This very project was also protected by Microsoft, which only adds to the fact that Ravenbound is probably a completely different development in the first place. We will continue to update as the story develops. But once again, we urge our readers to treat this as a rumor and remain skeptical.

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